2024 Important Astrology Dates To Watch Out For

Special Report

2024 Important Astrology Dates To Watch Out For


by Andrea Dupuis

Welcome to 2024 friends!

Themes for 2024: Massive shifts in the collective related to power, technology and the people. Financial system shifts. The total solar eclipse over the USA can bring unforeseen and unexpected twists of fate. 

This year will feel the most intense for: 

Aquarius Sun, Moon and Rising – Pluto is moving into your sign

Libra Sun, Moon, Rising – The eclipses and nodal shifts taking place here

Aries Sun, Moon, Rising – The eclipses and nodal shifts taking place here 

Scorpio Sun, Moon, Rising – your planet Pluto switching signs for 20 years. 

Pisces Sun, Moon and Rising – The first eclipse occurs in your sign toward the end of the year. This is also your final year with Neptune at home in your sign (it moves out in 2025), and you have Saturn transiting here as well for all of 2024.

Use the planetary cycles to your benefit, but remember God is the only true authority, not the stars, not the planets, no one else. We can use the planets as a helper when making key life decisions, but we can’t live our lives by them. Always trust your own intuition first and foremost – we have free will for a reason.

In general:

  • Avoid getting married or signing contracts around eclipse time. Give it two weeks on either end of an eclipse, otherwise the contract can carry the chaotic energy of the eclipse.  
  • Avoid get married or engaged during Venus Retrograde .
  • Launch products and new ventures when Mercury is direct.
  • Watch for your dominant planet when making decisions and make sure it’s direct.
  • Be aware of the monthly themes, the New and Full Moon and you can plant your garden based on the planets (i.e. BioDynamic Farming).


*No Venus Retrograde this year, yay!

*Most planets are direct until late June, except for Pluto

*I cannot cover every transit as there are so many in a year. These are the most impactful transits I see. 

If you want to understand transits and how they impact you individually, I cover this in my Become Your Own Astrologer Program.

Astrology Dates to Watch Out for in 2023…

Special note about January 2024

January is a huge month astrologically, and may indicate a major collective turning point. Pluto, the planet of transformation and rebirth is moving into Aquarius while the Sun is also moving into Aquarius and forming a conjunction with Pluto – all on the same day – January 20th. So pay close attention as major shifts can happen in and around these days both personally and collectively. 

Pluto moves into Aquarius – January 20, 2024

The most important transit of the year is the movement of Pluto into Aquarius on January 20th, 2024 – where it will stay for many months, dip back into Capricorn then stay in Aquarius for another 20 years. This is a HUGE generational shift. Looking back, each generation is defined by Pluto. Whenever Pluto changes signs it means big shifts and transformation for the collective – both in the sign it’s leaving, and the one it moves into. 

For those with Capricorn placements, especially at the last few degrees – you are about to let out a sigh of big relief as Pluto leaves your sign  – but it may leave a gift on the way. Big planetary transits are the most intense at the end and the start of a sign. Depending where this is happening for you is the area you will see a final shift related to themes over the past 20 years for you. 

For those with Capricorn Sun, Moon or Rising. What’s been going on for you the past 20 years? Capricorn is about focusing on achievement, on climbing to new heights and overcoming big challenges. You will finally get the chance to relax as this heavy and intense planet moves off your sign. 

Collectively Pluto in Aquarius is about dismantling and breaking down the traditional forms of government, church and state, and the patriarchy. With it we’ll see some of the old worn out systems shift – and new ones emerge. The church doesn’t have the power it once did, neither does the monarchy. The governments of the world have taken on even more power as Pluto went through Capricorn, and I feel this will continue into Pluto in Aquarius – however this is a time that will see a mega uprising of the people. Aquarius is all about the collective and what is best for all. We could see more socialism, communism and authorities who tout collectivism but are actually more totalitarian.

Aquarius is also about innovation and technology so this will be a huge theme over the next 20 years. AI won’t be going away, it will get bigger and more advanced. However, more and more people will be innovative on a personal level, they will think outside the box and come up with creative solutions to life’s problems. Communes will become more common along with alternative ways of thinking and lifestyles.

Pluto Conjunct Sun in Aquarius (aka Pluto Cazimi) January 20

The energy of the Sun amplifies Pluto, this can feel intense especially for Scorpio and Aquarius Sun, Moon and Rising people. The positive traits of Pluto can come forward as well, leading to intense psychic revelations and insights. 

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Libra – March 25

The first eclipse of the year in the sign of Libra. The themes will be related to anything started in 2023 October. All of 2024 will have Libra/Aries eclipses. Not only does Libra exemplify divine law and order, it’s also the natural ruler of the 7th house – the astrological house associated with marriage and partnerships (including business partnerships and clients). It is the house of ‘we’ and ‘us’.

This eclipse is the second of the Libra/Aries axis eclipses. This axis is all about “we” and “I” and how to maintain sovereignty while in connection with others, and to also lean into our relationships and connect deeper with others. Where Libra is very focused on others, Aries is all about the self. 

On a personal level, we may be asked to look deeper at our relationships with others… Do we tend toward hyper independence or co-dependence? Can we find a way to create beautiful interdependence in our relationships? How can we take time for ourselves if we tend on the Libra side, and how can we spend more time with others if we tend on the Aries side?

Total Solar Eclipse in Aries – April 8

Eclipses are the most powerful cosmic shifts we have. This one is being called “The great American Eclipse” as it will be visible for much of the USA, parts of Mexico and Canada. As it’s a total solar eclipse, the impact will be felt strongly. This eclipse can bring a grand rise or fall to a public figure and change the course of US history. Wherever eclipses are visible is where most impact is felt. The US may experience major shifts and changes during this time and for 2 weeks before and afterward. Aries is the God of war, and this could represent some conflict or strife in the areas the eclipse can be viewed. 

Jupiter Conjunct Uranus in Taurus  – April 20

When the planet associated with money and finances comes in contact with the planet of change and upheaval, we can experience shifts in the market or a financial shift. This may be an unexpected change, but likely positive. 

Pluto Retrograde – May 2-Oct 12

This is one of the more intense transits of 2024, as Pluto has just made its transit into Aquarius and goes retrograde. Even though Pluto retrogrades once a year, we may experience this one more intensely as it’s such a prominent planet in 2024. When a planet is retrograde it’s themes are amplified, so during this time we may experience even more issues with power, control and the unseen forces. We may experience fear and anxiety on a stronger level during this time. Especially those with Scorpio Sun, Moon and Rising. On the plus side, we will look back and see this as a highly transformative time for many of us. 

Jupiter Moves into Gemini – May 25

Jupiter has been in Taurus since May of 2023. The movement of Jupiter from Taurus to Gemini will be felt by many as it moves from a slow earth sign into a fast air sign. Gemini is all about our local life and economy. There may be a trend toward supporting local, needing to purchase local and supporting local farmers and producers. We can also see an increase in money made online and through communication and media. Gemini is a fast moving sign… expect to see blessings wherever we have Gemini in our chart. This will be felt the most by Sagittarius Sun, Moon and Rising and Pisces Sun, Moon and Rising.

Saturn Retrograde – June 29 – Nov 15

The “lord of karma” Saturn will be amplified as it goes retrograde for several months in 2024. When Saturn goes retrograde its force is even stronger. We may experience issues with control, government systems, and rules.

Pluto Enters Capricorn again briefly – September 1-November 19

The return to Capricorn can indicate a return to some of the older outdated systems temporarily… or a shift with the government, churches, and establishments. It’s like one final hurrah before it enters Aquarius fully for the next 20 years -where the focus is more on the people.

Partial Lunar Eclipse in Pisces – September 17

This is the first eclipse on the Pisces/Virgo eclipses that will take place in 2025/2026. This first eclipse will give insight into the themes for the next 18 months. The last set here was in 2015-2017 so expect a similar impact. 

Annular Solar Eclipse in Libra – October 2

This is the last of the Libra eclipses which occurred over the past year. Those with Libra Sun, Moon or Rising will feel this one strongly, and be happy the eclipses are off their back after this. Libra themes are amplified – Justice, fairness, law, relationships, beauty and values. 

Pluto moves back into Aquarius – November 19

See above for more info on this transit and what it means long term. 

Jupiter Square Saturn – December 24 

The two biggest planets in our solar system in hard aspect to each other. This can indicate big challenges with financial systems. 

Andrea is a writer, astrologer, astrology teacher and tarot reader who combines ancient classical techniques from Esoteric Western Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology, Jaimini and Vedic Astrology into her own unique intuitive astrology system called Sacred Astrology. Check out her Become Your Own Astrologer Course under "Programs" on the Risingwoman.com menu :)
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