New Moon in Pisces ~ March 6, 2019 ~ THEME: Emotional Rhythms

The New Moon in Pisces on March 6, 2019 (8:04amPDT) is an ocean of eternity. A spiritual bath. We are taken to the tides.

Pisces season is highly Sensitive, changing, and emotional. It is porous and without-bounds. We are stewing, reviewing, and absorbing whatever’s in the atmosphere. We can feel susceptible, vulnerable, or victimized by forces beyond us.

Steep in the sensitivity. Let it wash over. Every sensation, offer it up. Keep moving it through. This is how we get clean.

This New Moon is joined with the mystifying planet Neptune. Mercury just went retrograde in Pisces. Read about this particular Mercury Retrograde.

Uranus just entered Taurus, bringing back themes from May 15, 2018-Nov 6, 2018. Earth-shaking changes, body awakening, and grassroots revolution ripple through our world. This Moon heightens the feels on Collective shift. Resonance carries. Learn more about Uranus in Taurus here.

If things are foggy and unclear, retreat and meditate until you can hear the silence. If you are drained, sleep, rest, and fill your cup.

If you do nothing else on this Moon, make space to escape from the mundane world enough to feel your emotions.

Pisces is the realm of dreams. A trance-like milieu, a means to draw forth our version of idyllic paradise. Fantasize and conjure. This Moon offers high attunement to the intuitive, meditative, artistic, and inspirational. It is a time for dreaming and releasing. For creating and holding things close.

It is also the place where fantasy becomes fabrication. Peer into your relationship with illusions and addictions. To what do you turn to cope?

This Moon gives us life behind a veil. Refracts light indirectly. Rather than seeing things as they truly are, we see them as they appear. We see them as we are, or as we are predisposed to seeing them, or as someone wants us to see them. Blurred edges lead to misperceptions.

Stormy seas also make for inspired minds. To feel so much at once is intoxicating. Some channel it into their arts. Others tend to avoid, bypass, or attempt to escape.

Escape only goes so far. Feeling are made to be felt, not avoided. We cannot run away from ourselves – for in the deepest truth, there is only one of us here.

Instead of running away, enter the waters. First, dip a toe. Then lose yourself in the liquid. Be released.

Churn. Swell. Swirl. Surge. Rise. Crest. Break. Crash. Spill. Dissolve.

This rhythm lies within all things. It forms the basis of existence.

Merge with the deafening quiet. Dance to the dream-filled music of inevitable loss.

Loss is evidence of Love.

Read that again.

Loss is evidence of Love.

Grief is evidence of Love. Tears are evidence of Love. Let go into Love.

Let go.

Nobody needs to be rescued. Everybody needs to be Loved.

Photo by @lenasonrie

When we dance to this ineffable rhythm, we empty out. We fill with Oneness. With an Allness that defies personality. Tears spring forth from the ocean inside us, fastening us to all things. We dwell in a blessed totality of Love. Living Compassion. Blissful, unrestrained, and containing Everything.

Things come and go. Keep surrendering to that. Spirit remains, and is cleansed by this continuous movement.

Everything emerges from, and eventually returns to, Love. Though it constantly changes shape, Oneness is permanent. We are made of Oneness. A single, giant, incalculable mass of Love. Re-cycling. Undiminishable.

So keep opening. Dive in, wade, and swim. Follow the flow. Unclench. Swing wide the gate. Give your heart what it most longs for; to be steeped in Life.

Turn back, towards the deluge of Love you already are and always will be.

You, yourself, become the outpouring; brimming with endlessness.

Work with this potent energy by using the: New Moon Intention Setting Guide 

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Aries: Compassion makes me whole.

This Moon gives me permission to stop being “on.” It asks me to unravel. To not-know. To un-do. I am human, and I need healing, too. I let myself swirl and swim. Instead of rushing forth as usual, I drop back. I don an invisibility cloak. I give myself permission to take a backseat. To operate from invisible arenas. Privacy can be healing. My heart goes out to my most vulnerable parts, and the most marginalized in society. No one has to see me, now. I don’t do what I do for applause. I do it because it’s my mission. I understand that the best kind of leader is a follower. One who doesn’t rule with an iron fist, but rather listens. Takes cues from the invisible. Anchors to an open heart. This Moon is my permission to rest. To pour myself out before beginning again.


Taurus: I am an organism of interconnectedness.

Those who tend the hearth with me are my people. The hearth on Earth and the spiritual hearth. Future-dwelling-home-makers. My people are those who allow me to seek my own inner freedom. Whoare liberating me and one another through sustaining each others gifts. Those who are leveling with each other, and gathering hands to make wishes. Those who make room for me to change, adapt, and evolve, so I can live on behalf of the rights of Mother Earth. This Moon has me planting seeds of community. This Moon has me in a dream of togetherness. My people move beyond humans. I see rights extending to the ecological world. My people include plants, fungi, and elementals. The furred, the feathered, the scaly. All of us true. All of us connected. Cooperative. Awake.


Gemini: It is undeniable; I am rising.

I am not completely sure what my place in the world is right now, but spiritual forces are convening on my behalf, and I surrender to them. I can’t think my way to where I’m going. It is time to ride the wave and open to opportunity. My purpose in life is an extension of what inspires me and what I believe will help the world become a better place. Rooted in compassionate service, I get to dream my purpose into being. I get to open up to Divine plan and see where my gifts are meant to go. The way I advance in life flows directly from spirit. My “job” is to connect, receive, and channel. As I awaken to my unconscious, and the more hidden parts of my own being, I begin to experience regions of untapped power within my recesses. There is a magnetism here that will back my pursuits. I trust my ascent.


Cancer: I broaden my horizons.

This Moon has me in a trance. I am going with it, hungry for adventure. I am in a place where spirituality is like nourishment. I am restless for expansion. Seeking freedom. Needing to journey. Defining home as something way beyond physical place. Rather than remain safe and sheltered, I’m planting seeds around leaving my comfort zone. This could mean travel, or learning.. Anything to expand my mind and open my vision. I want to meet people in that open place. The nature of my relationships is changing. Inner truth is a priority and a defining factor in my relationships.


Leo: I let the soil turn.

This is a metamorphic Moon for me. Alchemical Moon. Ancestral Moon. Moon of Depth, Death, and Rebirth. No stone remains unturned. I am researching. Looking to understand more on the nature of Power, and how we transfer essence backwards and forwards through ancestral lines. Something is elusive to me here, and with it, I will linger. My intuition speaks to me in this dark. I trust it. I allow it to guide. I speak to the ghosts in the medial realms who are guiding my way through. In my heart of hearts, I know what is here in this darkness. In my heart of hearts, I have a power to express and a power to forgive. This Moon invites me to wield those powers with artfulness. My days are changing. I am coming into contact with generational wisdom. Time needs to be re-organized, based on what’s inside it.


Virgo: I love due to, and in spite of, loss.

I am a willing and able servant. Whatever my loved ones go through, I am willing to be there. I see my loved ones through the veil, and it teaches me about myself. This Moon has me looking at my ideals in relationships. I can easily see the ways my friends, companions, and partners disappoint me. I can equally as easily see how my friends, companions, and partners live up to my ideals. Humans are messy like that, and I choose to love them for it right now. I can choose which soft focus to take. When it comes to love, I am simmering in the clear waters of lost and found. The way these two forces interplay together to make intimacy. They somehow create peace and balance in my soul. As I look upon the ones that I love, I can clearly see that nothing in my life is missing. I am whole, as we are all united.


Libra: I embody flow and surrender.

I am not clear what I am doing day-to-day, and that’s okay. My schedule is ebbing and flowing the way it needs to. Non-linear. I make sure there is space for inspiration and creation. Prayer is on the daily checklist. The places in life that feel the least clear are the places where spirit is working. I trust this completely. The spiritual infusion is coming into my body. It is bringing health and wellness. It is coming into my work, bringing my path of service. Dreams hold some answers for me in these realms. I talk to my dream guides, and take clear notes. Whatever inspires me most is becoming my job. This is my path of service – I embrace it, and I trust myself to be the conduit to carry this out to those who need it most.


Scorpio: I live joy, and I love it.

Tonight, I am a romantic. My creative juices are flowing. I just want to have fun. It is my time to connect with ecstatic states of being blissed. Is this escapism? Depends on how I go about it. What is my way of accessing bliss right now? What am I running away from? What am I running towards, full force, with an open heart? I know myself and my tendency to go to extremes, so I place emphasis on moderating that tendency even while I pursue ecstasy. Is that possible? I don’t know. I just want to play. And on this Moon, that’s exactly what I’m destined to do. I want spirit to teach me how it wants to love itself. And that’s what I’ll do.


Sagittarius: I am cleansed from within.

I am dreaming awake stability. I am dreaming awake security. I am dreaming awake my belonging. I am dreaming awake all my needs getting met. I am dreaming awake my spiritual family. My inspirations give me security. My inspirations give me ground to stand on. My inspirations and my creations are my foundation. Physical home might be unclear, but right now, my home is spirit. Spirit has the influence that can lead me to the place that I’m meant for. I am open to that. I surrender and ask to be guided through my innermost self.


Capricorn: I purify my mind.

My mind is muddled, and this is a good thing. If I slow down and listen to the space in-between the thoughts, I will be able to perceive in a more elevated way that I would otherwise. I accept this altered state of consciousness. Local travel and communications aren’t always meant to be so linear. I take interference as an indicator to rest and regroup. Miscommunications are simply indicators that we need to take the time to drop in together until we feel one another. The information I need to gather now is creative. Right-brained. I let my mind empty out, and let the thoughts arise on their own.


Aquarius: I steward and share prosperity.

Inspiration is worth its weight in gold. I follow it loyally. My dreams make me wealthy. They elevate my consciousness, and nourish my soul. When I tap into spirit, resources are limitless. Abundance and prosperity are a matter of allowing energy to flow through me, my body, and my life, uninhibited. I release any mental blockages and concepts that might interfere with this flow. I am the steward of resources – the channel – guiding them towards others as an act of service. When I trust own heart, I become a magnet for prosperity. Stability is dependent on my presence in community. As in, sharing what we have makes us all become more safe. I commit to this. Sharing is more than caring.. It will carry me through a life well-lived.


Pisces: I live my dream, period.

Dreams are endless. They are infinite. Whether or not they come to fruition, they never fail to give birth to new dreams. I honor the power of dreams and vision. I follow their glistening thread. I immerse myself in the path spirit is setting for me, knowing that it will absolutely take me where I need to go. I am not just living the dream – I AM a living dream. I baptise myself in the beauty of the yet-to-be-fulfilled. I slather myself with compassion. I forgive everything that wants to be forgiven, so that the holy can live through me and my experience. I am so thankful to care for the holy like this.


Andrea is a writer, astrologer, astrology teacher and tarot reader who combines ancient classical techniques from Esoteric Western Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology, Jaimini and Vedic Astrology into her own unique intuitive astrology system called Sacred Astrology. Check out her Become Your Own Astrologer Course under "Programs" on the menu :)
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