:: NEW MOON :: Partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius Report, February 15, 2018

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New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius Astrology Report for February 15, 2018 at 12:51pm PST

Unusually, as this short month is flanked by Full Moons, this New Moon stands alone as the major Lunar event in February 2018. And what an event it is! This week brings a full lineup of Mardi Gras, Valentine’s Day, Ash Wednesday, a partial Solar Eclipse and Chinese New Year.

This Moon is the final eclipse in the most recent eclipse season that spans January and February. Eclipse seasons always bring dramatic events and big turning points.

These early year eclipses harken back to whatever process began during the Lunar Eclipse of August 8, 2017 and the Great American Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017.

What has shape-shifted in your life since those dates? The New Moon now seals the deal on those changes, and takes them further into integrated awareness.

The next upcoming Eclipse season spans July and August 2018, so allow the shifts to integrate over the course of the next 5-6 months.

Eclipses affect everyone, but the eclipses of January and February 2018 have had the most potent effect on those with an emphasis on fixed signs in their chart: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. Fixed signs are rather averse to change – they prefer to hold on until things are seen through until the very end. These Eclipses may very well have made it clear that the end has indeed arrived – that nothing more can be done to help the situation but to simply Let Go.

During this particular partial Solar Eclipse, the Moon will come between the Sun and the Earth, but will only partially cover the Sun. The Sun represents illumination and the conscious mind. When the Moon (representing the subconscious, emotions, and inner needs) hinders the light of the Sun during eclipse, we see things differently. Our perspective shifts as inherent needs come to the forefront. Opportunities can come or go. Disruption leads to necessary growth.

Whereas Lunar Eclipses often mark significant endings, Solar Eclipses harken beginnings. As always with any Eclipse; embrace change. 

This eclipse begins the Chinese New Year of the Earth Dog. Read about the Chinese Astrology of this year hereThe New Moon itself is exact at 1:04pmPST, and occurs at 27 degrees Aquarius via the Tropical Zodiac.

The Sabian Symbol for this degree is “An Ancient Pottery Bowl Filled with Fresh Violets” (Lynda Hill). It calls for simple, natural beauty, held by an ancestral wisdom.

The Western World is married to linear concepts of time. But there are many traditions in which time is not so straightforward. Rather, time is circuitous, some would say, promiscuous. The future and past are combining and copulating, giving birth to one another with abandon. There are beings who traverse there in the space betwixt definition and regulation; those who hop timelines and bend frameworks inside invisible shared superhighways of neurological nets. These are the rebels, the mavericks, and reformers. The untameable creatives. Those with attunement to the higher mind that comprises collective genius.

Aquarius speaks to this weirdness; the aberrants to the rules. The divergent deviants who defy compartmentalization. There is something alien, outskirtish, and angelic of these natives. Something of the scintillating future echoing a prodigal past.

This Moon is about progress. Not the slow and steady kind. The type of unanticipated breakthrough that awakes us like a flash in the pan, alight with possibilities that are yet to be fully considered.

Queer yourself to receive these potentials. Step outside the lines of the known and into a higher dimension to accept these gifts. Messages will come this Moon. Contracts will be questioned, broken, or presented. Suggestions may come from beyond the hierarchy and outside status quo. Words written and spoken will re-evolve minds. A radical honesty is necessitated. Power struggle and the fate of shared resources are making way for new developments. Listen closely to the reasonings presented, and imagine.

Aquarius sits at a strange gate of consciousness, an etheric residence between human and divine. An oddity that borders on total grace-filled objectivity and complete captivity of mind. If we remain here we could either reach enlightenment or perform mental gymnastics until we’ve isolated and alienated everything and everyone, including ourselves. To counter this ivory tower syndrome, give the mental mercenaries a break. Take the journey from head to unguarded Heart. Melt walls with warmth and generosity of spirit. A flower – violets in an ancient pot – cannot grow in the absence of sunshine.

During this eclipse season, we have become aware of the shortcomings of community. The rise of individualist economy and isolationist technology have changed the ways we know how to relate. And yet, it becomes more important than ever to connect and gather. What is the future of our communities? To inform and upgrade our communities and technologies, look to the greatest innovator: Nature. Study and replicate its systems of interdependence. It begins with each person being exactly who they are and offering their gifts for the benefit of All.

The charts indicate that we may be navigating losses February 14-March 5. Deceptions, delusions, and anxieties are becoming exposed. Our energies and desires may be sapped or disillusioned. Attractions are cloudy. This Moon desires an idyllic freedom, romantic liaison, a collectivism steeped in boundless spiritual love.

But are these longings firmly grounded in reality? Beware not to deal solely in your projected desires, or you may set yourself up for disappointment. For the time being, embrace the foggy mire. Confusion will eventually give way to clarity. Accept, forgive, and lean into unconditional love. Romance is heightened now.

Health and medicine also come into the picture this Moon. Set new objectives for your journey towards healing. Some routine, protocol, or other form of healthy boundaries could help release excess inflammation and toxicity. Salt therapies, flower essences, homeopathy, and deep relaxation may be in order. Excellent time for dreamwork, intuitive development, and creative pursuits.

Adjust your lens from self-worship to reverence for the consciousness present in All That Is. Make offerings of beauty, of simple grace, of violets. Affirm the innate talent of what exists. Uplift the underdog. Invite the ephemeral. Love the world in totality, exactly as it is.

Mercury enters Pisces February 17th: Sensitive, intuitive, and empathic perceptions and communications. Soft edges. Heightened dreams and inspirations. Ephemera and nebulae.

Sun enters Pisces February 18th: This is the gestational period before emergence. It is normal to not know and feel like we’re floating in the abyss. Surrender. Be cleansed. Undo. Let go and let God(dess) and allow the next dream to move through and prepare to take form. Form arises from the formless.

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Read Your Individual New Moon Report Below

Aries: I am gifted with alliances.

You are strong all on your own, Aries. But not everything has to be done independently. Co-dependence might seem like the last thing you want – but what about interdependence? A bunch of strong folx showing up to support each other? What if, instead of barreling on, left to your own devices, you could lean into the gifts of colleagues and co-conspirators? Invite the network on this moon. Mingle. Join a club. Meanwhile, allow for sensitivity and unraveling. Something in your psychic space is coming apart. Let it.

Taurus: I reinvent my public identity.

Upheaval is not your favorite energy, Taurus. You’re a forever-commit kind of creature. But some changes and advancements cannot be avoided. This eclipse harkens a new chapter in your profession, your social standing, and your career. Things have likely felt unstable on the home-and-vocation-front as of late. Embrace the evolutions unfolding. Use words wisely and seek new agreements. The key to handling this well is to truly stand on behalf of all your fellow humans. You might be releasing outworn alliances to re-dedicate to more altruistic visions.

Gemini: I reach strange and magical heights of discovery.

Engage your natural bent for curiosity, Gemini. You will need it for the outlandish elements that arise under this Moon. Whether in body or mind or both, you are being called to grow and go beyond where you’ve been before. Ignite journeys to foreign lands. Expand perceptive limits. Discover what you’ve yet to find. Reach for new heights and sights, and incorporate your learnings into meaning-making. Your career or vocation may feel like confusion soup these days. Let that be what it is and keep dreaming on it. Pursuits of ascended awareness are in store for you and your keen mind.

Cancer: I am potent.

Let your feelers fall on your own empowerment during this Moon, Cancer. You always relate strongly to the Moon’s behaviors because the lovely Luna rules your sign. This is a powerful time of new beginnings for you – how do you wish to use that? Perhaps you cut ties with things that are draining your energies. Maybe you get real intimate and honest with yourself and your closest loves about your deeper needs and motivations. Shared resources such as insurance, investments, loans, and even inherited ancestral content, could be places for you to reconnect to your power. Maybe you simply get real lusty and have great sex! Whatever you choose, own your badassery and lead from there.

Leo: I change how I relate so I can be more true.

Sometimes friends turn out to be frenemies. Or maybe the qualities or circumstances of how you want to relate to people are rapidly shifting. Perhaps instead of colluding or building a cool-kids-club, you’re craving real connection. You know, not just the fair-weather allies, but the folx who will applaud you even when your light feels most dim. Maybe it’s not enough to be seen.. What you want is to be allowed to be exactly who and how you are. It might be that something deep inside yourself is shifting, and you are ready to gather support for the new version of self. Go out and find your people, or simply deepen into your truth and signal them to find you when it’s time.

Virgo: I shift my patterns to welcome whole health.

Look at the evidence coming in, Virgo. Your body is a teacher and a messenger. Symptoms are signs. You might be seeing ways that the health of your physical body and lifestyle need more support or different rhythms. Begin to incorporate things more out-of-the-ordinary. Or perhaps things have been disorderly at work. Try looking at your job in a new light or shifting your attitude. How do you want to be of service? It could help to list out your longer term plan. Use this opportunity to dissolve confusing relationships and set new boundaries that can offer you wellness.

Libra: I superlove being a Lover!

Romance is in the air. Some say Libras will flirt with anyone and everything. You’re in love with life! This Moon gives you permission to feel that fully and express your love with abandon. CREATE new ways of loving. Try the untried. Draw a portrait of what you love most and gift it. Make a sculpture or collage and delight in the tactile sensations of creating. Host or attend a pleasure salon. Imbibe aphrodisiacs. You might get so inspired that you exchange outworn patterns of living for new ones that inspire you. For instance, instead of looking at your phone upon waking, maybe you do a sensual dance to begin your day. This Moon is juicy for you, Libra. Nectar it up.

Scorpio: I am secure and supported.

This eclipse season has had you clearing out old insecurities. Now, Scorpio, it is time to mend your roots. Use your alchemical powers to fill your base with strong, stable, supportive energies. Imagine those roots growing down into the Earth and spreading deep and wide. Foundation is so important. You are beginning a new chapter with home, family, needs, and immediate environment. If re-modeling or rearranging your home, make it feel extra right. Turn a new page with family and close relations. Say to yourself, “I’m here. I’m home. I have arrived.”

Sagittarius: I don’t know the answer, I open myself to learning more.

This eclipse marks changes in your communications, Sagittarius. It is easy for you to boldly proclaim your personal truths and paint a bigger picture. But this Moon encourages you to be less blunt and more curious. It invites less broad stroke generalization and more acuity (fine detail). You’re already global and worldly – take those wondrous skills of perception and bring them to your local community. Spark dialogue and conversation. Ask questions and meld minds. Great time to set new intentions around communication and bring smaller tasks and errands to completion.

Capricorn: I adapt to new realms of resources.

Yes, Capricorn, you tend to be cautious. For good reason, you don’t normally trust whimsy or volatile invention. But this Moon brings changes in the climate of your resources, values, and investments. New technological developments may be influencing these areas. You’re a provider-type, and it’s easy to get caught up in the goal of building your own empire. But old value-paradigms are dissolving now. This eclipse may ask you to turn a lens on equity; that the investments you make move beyond you and your family and out into the wider world to make it a better place. You are well-positioned to lead such a charge.

Aquarius: I am FRESH.

This eclipse might have you feeling like a newborn baby, Aquarius. Or like you’re growing a new body. A spirit body. A light body. You might be feeling like yourself – your true self. Your higher self. It’s a new version of you! The future version, integrating in the now. You’ve probably been letting go of some of your attachments in order to get to this place. Maybe that’s a process still unfolding. Let it happen! You’ve been working on awakening, liberating, and setting yourself free. AUTH-ENT-IC-I-TY, that is what it means to me!

Pisces: I dissolve into unconditional love.

You are love, Pisces. Love looks sparkly and soothing on you. You might feel like you are living a romantic dream. Soak it up! This is your time to retreat, rest, dream, review. You are the muse. In order to inspire others, you need your own time to bemuse. To ponder and drift, to be enchanted by the beauty of life. Spend time near water. Dive deep into meditation, music, dancing, art, whatever lifts you to higher heights of transcendent compassion. Enjoy your own attractiveness. Take some time out, because the times following this eclipse may feel busier and more exposed.

Andrea is a writer, astrologer, astrology teacher and tarot reader who combines ancient classical techniques from Esoteric Western Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology, Jaimini and Vedic Astrology into her own unique intuitive astrology system called Sacred Astrology. Check out her Become Your Own Astrologer Course under "Programs" on the Risingwoman.com menu :)
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