New Moon in Aries ~ April 5 ~ Theme: Initiation and New Beginnings

New Moon in Aries on April 5, 2019 (1:50amPDT) is an initiation. After a dispersal, an ascent. Risings and re-directs. Aries season brings New Life. The invitation to know thyself as life itself, and to un-inhibit life as it flows through.


The baby. The spark. The fool. The licking flame.

Vital, pulsing spirit.

Beginnings are everywhere, a blend of consummation and commencement.

Each time we breathe, we can begin again.

Each time we begin, we risk.

Risk precedes life.

Beginnings are doused in the music of mystery. Each new pursuit fed by a swathe of unknowns. Cleansings posing as confusion. Rebirths disguised as losses. Inspirations bathed by tears.

No matter how many times we’ve been down a similar-seeming path, no two moments are the same. No matter how many times we have practiced or for how long we have prepared, we still encounter a leading edge. When we bump up against our walls and perceived limits, we poise ourselves for breakthrough.

We live. We live.

This is the raw and tender space of chasing what we want. Not knowing with the mind, but sensing. Allowing ourselves to be moved. Spontaneously led by impulse and the intrinsic directives of warmth and blood. Guided by guileless, sparking energy. Rough around the edges, but pure with vivifying vitality.

This is a Moon of unlimited potential.

What is the feeling of life, uninhibited?

Life lifts us and lights us up.

Life leads, body follows.

What moves you?

Beyond the toil of effort and struggle, what animates your body?

What happens when you let life lead?

Without intellectually knowing the answer to the question, live the answer to the question.

Make way for life. Let life seize as many of your moments as possible.

The more we let ourselves live and come alive, the more Life can know Itself.

Whenever we start fresh, we’re improvising. Improv. Improve.

In following the impulse of life, we become its conduits as initiators. Beginners. Shapers. Birth-givers.

Because we are made of life, we can give ourselves to life without waste or sacrifice. Suffering and sacrifice can be traded for connectedness to sheer existence. The less we hold back, the more we become ourselves.

What we give freely to life makes us stronger. Whatever we give freely, life returns. Make offerings.

We wear the clothes life gives us. Clothes unreplicated and unpossessed. All-encompassing. Ever-welcoming. Saying yes. Clothes made entirely of light.

Be yourself, influenced by and influencing the life you have been given. What grows from the seed becomes consummate; absorbed completely in its own light.

“And now we are one

Let my soul rest in peace

At last it is done

My soul has been released

For thousands of years

My soul has roamed the earth

In search of you

So that someday I could give birth

To know joy, joy, joy, joy

Joy and peace is mine

Peace divine

And now we give thanks

Give thanks for each other

At peace forever

For it is done

At peace forever

For we are one”

~ Nina Simone, ‘Consummation

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Aries: New Moon, New Me.

Even while staying committed to what’s most important, I give myself permission to start over. I give myself permission to start right where I’m at. I give myself permission to further individuate from ties that have kept me bound. I keep climbing, and the further I go, the more I feel false expectations fall away. Life gives me permission to be who I really am, and I accept it. I go the way that is meant for me. I soak in the sensations of working hard and being guided by dreamings. I am listening with rapt attention to the sublest inner voices. I am attending to what needs to be torn down and released so I can rebuild with integrity. These days, I am a living prayer.

Taurus: I reset before I can restart.

I take myself into the quiet. Here, I can drift. I can unroll. I can allow myself to fall apart, knowing that the Earth will put me together again in whatever way it wants to. Because I don’t know what the future holds, and I’m not meant to figure it out. I don’t know what I believe anymore, and right now, I am tired of searching. I’m not sure who my people are. So I’m asking questions, and listening to all the possible answers. Life is like planting seeds. We do it, we nurture them, we wait and see. Life is a miracle. One in a thousand turtle eggs become hatchlings who make their way into the ocean. I am practicing trust, and resting into it.

Gemini: I trust my inevitable unfoldings.

I am reaching out. Towards my future, and to the allies who will help make my future possible. We are interweaving. We are meant to meet each other, support each other’s journey, and share our gifts. I stand for group consciousness. I pollinate evolutionary progress. I initiate containers for group consciousness to spread awareness and flourish within. Who I’ll be in the eyes of the public is reforming. I am fully prepared go the ways spirit is leading. My goals and aspirations don’t belong to me. They belong to something unnameable. Unconditional. They belong to love itself. I open up to pure potential. Love, have your way.

Cancer: I profess love for myself.

Who people see me as is not as important as how I know myself. On this Moon, I make a commitment to know myself more. To learn myself. To love on myself. I trust that the more I know myself, the more I can give back to the world. I claim healthy selfish. My needs take first priority. I am curious about what might happen if I trust my emotions and instincts – even the negative or uncomfortable ones. I am fascinated and drawn towards seeing myself through my own eyes rather than be defined by another’s gaze. I am setting my own goals, and summoning the courage it takes to live into them.

Leo: I make space.

I am still undergoing a process of transformation. Who I am in my DNA is changing shape. I grieve as much as I love my metamorphosis. Grief and art are prayers. As my DNA shifts, so do my rhythms. I love the ways new concepts of time are finding me and fitting me into them. I try on schedules like outfits to see which feel the most fabulous. I leave breathing room so I can be comfortable. And so inspiration and alchemy can stir their potions through my life. As life opens itself to me, I open myself to life. I connect to the nameless force that resides within all things. I open my mouth and drink its medicine. My guidance comes from the natural world breathing in spirals around me. I live my thanks.

Virgo: I pledge to see myself.

When others don’t see me, I pledge to see myself. Like a raindrop falling into the ocean, I feel my capacity to merge with life. I release fears around the intensity of intimacy and the bigness of Love. I step out of patterns of avoidance. I step into my own willingness to be fully present without judging, analyzing, or reacting. I center at my heart. I set a new tone for myself, letting myself be drawn into the ripple of connection. Going deep inside my own being, to a place of power and mutual empowerment. This is where I source from. Because the answers aren’t coming from outside of me right now. So I stay here, touching the present moment and filling up from the inside out. Appreciating specialness. This moment is special. I am special. All the chances we’ve had to be together are special. I say yes to what was and whatever will be.

Libra: I meet myself in you.

My life is working itself out as it works its way through me. I am like a filter, sifting out whatever isn’t meant for me and letting what is meant for me come find me. It works better when I activate my magnetism and practice my abilities to receive. So I’m not running full force anymore. I’m resting into my attract-abilities. I give myself permission to taste this sweetness. Life is always a perfect mirror, albeit dusty at times. I am orienting towards a deep inner security. Foundational. Rectifying the past. In this, I start a new relationship story. I allow life to breathe itself into my prayers that I can and will be met as a true equal.

Scorpio: I am well.

What happens when I say these words.. “All is Well.” What do I feel in my body? Where can I relax into these words like a balm? Where do I struggle to believe it? All is well. I am well. I am what I am, and I trust my process. I know my path to wellness. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It contains equal doses of work and play. Creative inspirations have taken me for a ride of late. Has it been more like play or work? Which do I need more of today? Somehow I feel like the recipient of too many messages. I tune out the noise. I am ready to swing wide, empty out into the moment, and relax my mind. My path to healthy rhythms includes licking my lips, tipping my head back into a wide smile, and enjoying a most glorious deep breath.

Sagittarius: I make joy.

No matter the external circumstance, I make joy. Joy is free. Joy is mine to tap into, to make, and to remake. Joy can give birth to itself and I can tend to it. Joy makes me rich. Joy makes me abundant. Joy makes me prosperous. Joy makes me secure. Feelings of joyfulness generate a sense of belonging. What brings me joy? Let me count the ways! Let me sing them out and share them with other radiant ones. The heart is ever-present. Like the light of the Sun, natural and rewarding. Making things grow. Nothing stands between me and the love-light of happiness. I am that.

Capricorn: I feel my roots.

A better time for meditating rather than thinking. Closing my eyes and listening to my breath, I drop anchor. Descend a grounding cord down into the ground, reaching it towards the core of this good green planet. I create a connection between myself and this land. We are woven together with invisible thread. I take it in. I feel the soil. I recall my predecessors and the other ancestors who have walked this land. I have heard that the Earth is alive, and that it has a heart. If I sense closely enough, I may feel it beating. I link the Earth’s heart with my own heart. I offer it my love. I send love down the lineage. Becoming wiser. Becoming one of the many bearers of the next chapter of life. I accept this responsibility and the belonging it affords me.

Aquarius: I learn, I integrate, I share.

I live new ideas. I speak new words, with them uttering in and ushering in new paradigms. Rather than cling to thought patterns that are habitual and familiar, I open my perceptions to further dialogue with life. Rather than pick apart the nuances of language, I let the power of word carry us to evolutionary heights. New thoughts often mean new experiences. New ways of perceiving mean new worlds being built. I am working in the realms of sleeping, dreaming, retreat and the unconscious. The expertise I cultivate in those realms determines how I’m able to be in my body and how I came to this planet to be of service. I accept the position I am in to help rebuild society. I know I’m meant to be here now.

Pisces: I take life in.

Life can be imbibed. It can be poured out and through. When I am overwhelmed by what life has to offer, I imagine that life is like a waterfall or a shower. I need not hold onto any of it. I can let it wash over me and make rainbows in the spray. But I also make myself receptive. That life can soften me where I need softening. It can give to me where I need to receive. It inspires me when I need revival. I am willing to view life as a compassionate force. I feel that if life had eyes it would look at me with love. If I poured myself out and filled only with the love of life, that would be more than okay. It might even make me an artist. I am living the dreams life has for me. I let our mixings paint the blank canvas that sits before me, waiting to receive my soul.

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