Heart Break Matures You, But Don’t Let it Harden You


Heartbreak matures you
But don’t let it harden you
Still… write love letters
Still… kiss passionately
Still… allow yourself
To get lost a little
To fall heart over head in love
Still… bare yourself to your lover
Let them see all of you
Still… trust
That they will catch you
That they will love you
Even better, than the one who came before

That heartbreak just may have prepared you
For the most epic love of all
A love that begins with your own wholeness
A knowing that you can, and will, be loved

Heartbreak will awaken you to the reality
That everything has an ending
But still
Let beginnings be as sweet as nectar
Still… have dreams for the future
Still… give new love all you have to give
Still… surrender to the moment
Still… let yourself love deeper, even more truly

Because heartbreak can teach you
To be a better lover
With a stronger sense of self
With a more sensitive heart
More empathy
More compassion
More able
To love fully

So let heartbreak be your teacher
To new lessons
With a new lover
Who can go further with you than anyone has before
Journeying into the depths of one another
To the core
Of what this life is all about
Love, communication, surrender

Heartbreak will mature you
But don’t let it rob you
Of everything that you came here for
Keep your heart open

Sheleana is the Founder and Visionary of Rising Woman. She is a Conscious Relationship and Spiritual Psychology writer, the Co-Founder of an 8-Week Online Program called Heal Your Relationships and the Co-Author of the Mystic Moon Guide. Sheleana spent 4 years as an apprentice in transpersonal therapy, depth psychology, and shadow work with a Spiritual teacher and went on to Co-Facilitate women's groups and Conscious Relationship workshops. Together with her husband Ben, she continues to explore and learn with elder teachers such as John & Julie Gottman and Harville Hendrix. You can find her personal writing at @SheleanaAiyana on Instagram.
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