FULL SUPERMOON in Leo Astrology Report, January 31, 2018

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Blue Moon, Supermoon, Blood Moon, oh my!

Full Supermoon Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo Astrology Report for January 31, 2018 at 5:27am PST

January 31st sees a blue moon – the second full moon within the same solar month. Not only is this a blue full moon, but it is also a supermoon, meaning it is as close to the Earth as the moon gets. Not only is it a full blue supermoon, but it is also a Total Lunar Eclipse. Lunar Eclipses are often called “blood moons” because the moon turns a shade of red during the eclipse. This is one of the most powerful lunations of 2018!

Has anyone been feeling extra sensitive this last week? This combination makes for a highly-charged, unpredictable emotional lunar experience. Ever notice that the word “lunatic” stems from “luna,” or moon? The moon pulls the tides – and our bodies are made of about 70% water. Hey femmes, if you’ve had emotions lately, even non-linear, “irrational,” or “crazy” emotions, you are right on time and in tune with the cosmos.

Own your emotions. They have a wacky intelligence of their own. Tears are cleansing. Anger is clarifying. The trick is giving our feelings a container so they can do their work without running the show.

The previous New Moon on January 16th kicked off 2018’s first eclipse season (there are 2 every year). The story of that moon indicated that there was some heavy stuff ready to be released: deep attachments, ancient ancestral patterns, limitations. So, even though the moon has been waxing, we’ve been shedding. And shedding, while natural and needed, doesn’t always feel easy. Especially if what we must release has become embedded with us in some way.

And so, here we are, forging ahead by anchoring to what feels most true. Allowing our soul to be exfoliated; sloughing off whatever’s ready to go. Anticipating the mysterious; whatever will be left of us when this round of clearing completes.

Eclipse seasons are portals of change. Expect the unexpected. Nothing is certain or permanent. Eclipses help us evolve.

They break stagnation and inspire action. They often show us underlying patterns of dis-ease or malfunction and invite us to do something about it. Sometimes we need to get shaken awake.

Lunar eclipses often mark a dramatic climax or final ending. The Earth stands between the Sun and Moon, and the Moon turns red in Earth’s shadow. Through opposition, we see our own shadow. Be willing to look.

Expect opposition. Contrast aids illumination and learning. Dance with the self-evident shadows.

Once we arise and step through the gate, we will see things as we haven’t quite seen them before. Adjust your gaze to the newly refracting light. Practice adaptation.

Eclipses can be trigger-happy. They can bring up uncomfortable material that we want to run from, avoid, or take immediate action to absolve. Sometimes those actions can be rushed and lacking clarity. It takes time for eclipse energies to settle and integrate.

If possible and if it feels right, avoid ultimatums or major change-making decisions until eclipse season is over. Remember the next lunation on February 15th is a Solar Eclipse, so you may want to try to postpone big shifts until after the end of February. The effects of this eclipse will endure for the next 6 months.

Best practices for eclipse season:

  • Expect the random and unexpected.
  • Create space for letting go. Clear emotional baggage.
  • Embrace change.
  • Make space in your schedule to process/handle things unplanned.
  • Maintain your center. Keep calm and allow emotions to flow.
  • Respond rather than react.
  • Be radically honest. Be real. Be kind.
  • Open your eyes and accept what you see.
  • See the true colors of you and those in your life. Befriend Truth, even if it’s uncomfortable.
  • Accept what is – and empower yourself and others to grow.
  • Do what you are truly capable of. It’s probably more than you know.
  • Dance with Shadow.
  • Accept fortuitous opportunities.
  • Embrace major events and turning points. With eclipses, there’s no going back. Forward and through is the only way.
  • Live in the NOW.
  • Summon yourself to yourself. Eclipses are rapid evolutions for upgrading the version of Self we embody.
  • Bide your time.

This Lunar Eclipse is particularly feminine in flavor, and will likely have a strong impact on relationships.

Love doesn’t just sit there, like a stone, it has to be made, like bread; remade all the time, made new. ― Ursula K. Le Guin, The Lathe of Heaven

The Sun is in Aquarius, conjunct the South Node, Venus, and Juno. Sometimes our partnerships and contracts get stale. Are we being appreciated and honored for who we are? We are encouraged to change antiquated contracts about who, what, and how we love and are loved. We are asked to liberate, authenticate, and reinvent our values. Moving forward, how do we want to partner?

Maybe we need to take some space, find out how we really feel, and become more independent. Or perhaps we have isolated ourselves or alienated others. Too much space can turn relationships cold and impersonal. The Leo Moon asks us to open our hearts and share warmth as nourishment. Breathe life into your partnerships with a spirit of fun, play, generosity, and romance.

The Moon also indicates that honor and respect must come to the forefront. It begins with self-respect. And relationship experts concur that long-lasting partnerships are built on mutual respect. Remember: Love is Unconditional and Free.

The feminine is in focus. Venus and two feminine asteroids are on the axis of this Moon. Femmes and those who identify as womyn, mothers, matriarchs are uplifted. Disempowering views and behaviors in the collective must be relinquished in favor of equality. Underlying imbalances that disempower the feminine need correction. Food and domestic life are host to a growth process now. Aim for creating a sense of security and support within yourself, your home, your family, and with your allies.

Cultivate self-confidence. Step into sovereignty. Organize with others and get free.

“We are volcanoes. When we women offer our experience as our truth, as human truth, all the maps change. There are new mountains.”― Ursula K. Le Guin

Locate your truth. What does it feel like to be true to yourself? What feels authentic in you? How can you live more in your truth? What words need to be spoken? What passions would be pursued?

Imagine being supported in who you really are. What would it feel like to be supported? Summon that feeling and fill yourself with it. Surround yourself with people who support your truth and give you life.

Together, we change maps and move mountains.

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Aries: I will have all of the fun!

Aries, search your heart. Is your time well-spent? How much pleasure are you experiencing? Get even more! Pleasure is a worthy endeavor. Lavish it on. Life is meant to be enjoyed and lived to the fullest. Creativity, romance, and play add colorful hues to an otherwise drab greyscale. Express yourself. Be passionate. Listen to the wild thumpings of your heart – they will tell you what kind of nourishment you need. This eclipse could mark the culmination of, or end of, a creative project. A new game is calling. You may be leaving behind an old group or community for something that feels more life-giving. Follow where you feel the warmth, and celebrate oncoming new horizons.

Taurus: I ensure that my public and private lives are in balance.

Taurus, how is your home life? The stars indicate that family and personal environment need to be nurtured. Sometimes contracts, work, and purpose can call us away. Distance grows and we lose presence, beginning to feel alienated from what once was familiar. Fret not! This eclipse urges you embrace changes in home and career. Maybe that means a sudden move or landing on the perfect property. Perhaps it’s a simple encouragement to remake home into a place where the heart is. Root out any imbalances or underlying issues and reset your personal environment and public ties.

Gemini: I love to learn and be in dialogue.

Gemini, you’re no stranger to communication. You’re a natural. However, sometimes we are called to refine what we say and when and how we say it. Use your words kindly and carefully to preserve their power. Call in guidance to support healthy communications. Pause and listen to your intuition during this moon. Is this a necessary truth you are ready to share? If so, express it with compassion and great resonance. If not, exercise patience, or perhaps begin an outline of what you might say. This is a learning moon. Instead of assuming you might already know, approach what comes up with keen curiosity. Messages are coming and going. Embrace education and schooling, studying, lecturing, writing… Be in dialogue.

Cancer: I choose inner stability.

Cancer, because you are ruled by the moon, this Lunar Eclipse can affect you most powerfully. Do take care of yourself during this sensitive and over-emotional time. You may be feeling changes in your sense of stability. Perhaps there are entangled emotional attachments or inherited ancestral ghosts that have been weighing you down. It is time for disentangling. Set the womyn in your lineage free. Gently clear and love upon your womb. Create and source from inner stability. When resources, finances, and comforts seem in flux, keep calm. Grasp center and remain unflappable. Open yourself to new ways of earning and valuing yourself. Imagine the changes taking place now are in your best interest, encouraging your innate strength to take root.

Leo: I love me and us.

Leo, it can easily seem like this moon is all about you. After all, your position (as usual) is front and center. Yes, you do deserve the spotlight. You deserve to be applauded and honored and loved on. By all means, get yourself some good love. However, the deeper work of this moon is happening in the balance between self and other. Are the others in your life getting the love and respect they want as well? Invite your partner(s) to honestly share what’s on their heart(s). This Moon invites you and your loved ones to claim equal sovereignty. What happens now could change the way you are in the world. Welcome this new, more generously loving version of self whole-heartedly.

Virgo: I allow myself to rest.

Oh Virgo, give yourself a break. You can easily busy yourself with work and daily life and to-dos – so much so that empty time for rest and dreaming can too often fall by the wayside. This Moon, you may feel your energies as scattered, spread-thin, or depleted. It’s time to restore your health. Meditate. Swim. Sleep in for a few days this week. Chill in a hot tub. And do these things as if there’s nothing you are trying to accomplish. Your worth is not determined by what or how much you do, how many you help, or how perfectly you perform. You are worthy simply because you are. And right now, you are probably sleepy. So get quiet and rest to your heart’s content.

Libra: I connect with my community.

Libra, you have so much to offer when it comes to people. You’re a natural grace and diplomat. You can spend a lot of time with folks one-on-one, which is great, but this Moon encourages you to move beyond the individualized connections. Contact your network. Get out and about in your town, in your field, and online. Promote your creative projects where they feel most exciting. It is easy to see your gifts, and this eclipse may deliver you opportunities to put them to good use. Open your heart and activate your higher mind. Your unique genius will serve the collective.

Scorpio: I shed old insecurities and take my place in public.

What is happening for you in the realm of work, career, and engagements with the public, Scorpio? It might be time for you to put yourself out there and be seen. You have a powerful presence, and people are taking notice. Take ownership. Get in boss-mode. Perhaps a promotion is in order, or you have the chance to align with work that better suits your soul. You may need to adjust things on the homefront to make way for the work that is most current and passionately blazing in your heart. That could mean leaving an actual homespace or just freeing yourself from confining insecurities. At the very least, clear out the cobwebs and make yourself a nice platform or set your stage.

Sagittarius: I have faith in myself and my journey.

Sagittarius, you are rather in your element during this Lunar Eclipse. This Moon will motivate you to expand your horizons. Plan a trip, travel, make pilgrimage, do ceremony, have outrageous and boisterous fun. Boldly proclaim your meaningful truth and broad perspectives – but also make room to absorb the truths of others. Ask yourself an important question: What are you running from? And what do you think you are running towards? Is what you’re running towards a real possibility or just an illusion? Is there something you are trying to escape? Wherever you go, there you are. Take your time – you may not be seeing everything totally clearly. Wait until the dust settles on this eclipse to firm your plans.

Capricorn: I am supported, and I can support others.

Capricorn, you can certainly feel like you are under pressure. You are undergoing hard work to actualize yourself and your goals. No rush. This process will take time, and it is already and unequivocally unfolding. The good news is your work will pay off. And, maybe most importantly, it will make you well-equipped to provide for those you care about. This Moon highlights your resources. Everything is give and take. You may need to let go of some of your investments or encumbering ties. You may need to part with some cash or clear some slates. Remember money is a thing you can use to further your best intentions. Lighten your load and become empowered.

Aquarius: I free myself to better love others. (moon in 7th, sun in 1st)

No (hu)man is an island. Aquarius might try to disagree with this statement, feeling like a lone wolf or free electron themselves. But at the same time, the power and influence of the collective cannot be ignored. Aquarius, what does freedom mean to you? It might be time to update this definition. Let it be current. What would feel most freeing to you right now? Listen to your heart instead of your mind, here. Sometimes liberation starts to look more like isolation or entrapment in the ivory tower of ideology. At those times, what we need is a pulsing heart connection and the warmth of human-to-human relating. If love is what we are and love is all there is, how do you want to express love for yourself and your fellow humanity at this time? Love can set us free.

Pisces: I ground myself to be of service. (moon in 6th, sun in 12th)

Pisces, I love how compassionate you are. You truly care about other living beings to the depth of your soul. You are so sensitive that being embodied here on Earth can be quite a trial. It may feel difficult to remain present and active in daily life. It might feel easier to hide or stay lost in fantasy or prayer. Nothing wrong with drifting in general, but this Moon is calling you, dear Pisces, to utilize your inspirational, healing gifts, and to bring them into the world. It’s not enough to dream it. Now is your time to be it. Draw from your beautiful well of spiritual connection and channel that energy into acts of service. Tangibly uplift those who need you most. As they heal, you heal. You elevate, and your spirit will relish in the bliss that is your birthright.

Andrea is a writer, astrologer, astrology teacher and tarot reader who combines ancient classical techniques from Esoteric Western Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology, Jaimini and Vedic Astrology into her own unique intuitive astrology system called Sacred Astrology. Check out her Become Your Own Astrologer Course under "Programs" on the Risingwoman.com menu :)
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