Full Moon in Libra ~ April 19th ~ THEME: Releasing The Past

The rare and voluptuous Pink Moon.

Rare because the Full Moon in Libra on April 19, 2019 (at 4:11amPDT) is the second Full Moon in Libra this year.

Rain-soaked light. Fountains of flowers, colors pop after a deluge.

Catch the light. Catch new color. Turn towards life like you would a lover.

You and life are in a relationship.

Earth turns toward the warmth of the Sun, her lover and life-giver. Their dalliances making beauty like adornments on her curves. Greening mountains lined and laced with purple, pink, white. She brings forth what is within her, and we swoon. Nectar drop and bloom. Earth’s own musk in the air like lilac and wisteria.

How much has Earth’s own body been underestimated? How much has Earth’s body been plundered, subjugated, and reduced to commodity?

How little has Earth’s own body been trusted? Respected? Listened to? Loved on? Revered?

Could it be that Earth’s own body is a mirror for your own?

Yes. It is absolutely so. You emerged from a small and infinite piece of her flesh.

You and Earth are in a relationship. You are of this relationship. You are made by and for each other. You deeply belong to this bond.

Photo by @averyanovphoto

Free her body. Unleash her cavernous grace. Love on her.

Her body is grand. Her body is mesmeric. Her body is fat with folds of soil and soul. Her body is scented thick with entrancement. Her body is land. Unparceled and self-owned.

Un-lace. Un-mask and un-encumber her body.

Her body, and your body, can’t help but be free. Because that’s what our bodies inherently are: Free. Awake with sensation. Aware and responding.

Unbreakable. Unquenchable. Unrestrainable. Incredibly possible.

Ample. Unruly. Wandering. Vibrating. Hungry and fed. Saturated with magic.

The future and past entwine in their mating. Our bodies are treasure chests giving home to their offspring. These are the riches we have access to when we live in the bodies we have the decadent privilege of tending.

These riches aren’t for sale or hoarding. No one can own them. We are borrowers. Stewarding them only to pass them on. They are for worship. They are for learning-from. They are for touching, noticing, tasting, playing. We make them more alive with our adoration and respect for their autonomy.

Photo by Pawe Nolbert

The conditions that have allowed society to keep (mal)functioning are breaking down at a pace too-rapid to track. Changing. Time and natural law of reciprocity are eating them alive. They die and make food for the future.

Let them die. Trade in power-over for power-with. Exchange privilege for intimacy. Discover resilient, communally-structured resource.

Keep your ear to the ground. Keep listening to your flesh and the pulse that is deeper than you can analyze. Keep allowing chains to break. Follow the calls to become real. Learn how to party.

We give things up to get free. But the deeper truth is, the things we give up are things we don’t need. Things not meant for us. It feels less like giving things up and more like coming into closer contact with our rainbow reality. What is meant for us is the love that remains no matter what we relinquish.


Astrology of this Full Moon


The Sun and Moon fall across Uranus, the planet of liberation, awakening, and the future. Deviate. Change things up. Journey to meet your future self. Embrace the chaotic and the weird. Expect the unexpected, as plot twists shake us awake. Embody and make way for change. Rebel. Take space. Express yourself. Live your gifts. Express the truth and remake culture. Get free; become more autonomous and inter-dependent. Shift alliances and attachments to be more honest. Resources reinvent.

Mercury just fully completed its retrograde journey through Pisces. Since April 16th, the messenger planet has entered Aries. The unclear fog and soppy, cleansing period of the past 6 weeks is over. After a swim, we dry off in the sun. Hopping into action. Starting new chapters of learning. Actively engaging. Figuring out what we want and heading that direction. Mercury in Aries brings fire, drive, and motivation.

Mercury in Aries is joined with Chiron, the ‘wounded healer’ planetoid. Learn about Chiron’s journey through Aries here. When Mercury is on Chiron, words and thoughts can harm and heal. Words are raw and bold. Mind and communication are highly stimulated. Let there be anger and dialogue. Focus on right-fight and right-action. Speak for yourself with strength and courage. Claim your identity.

Saturn is conjunct the South Node and Pluto in Capricorn. This transit is like a vortex or a black hole through which the outworn and outdated can get composted. Head down memory lane with intent to uproot and overturn toxic adaptations. In other words, plunge out the old shit that doesn’t serve anymore. Come correct. Heal the past. Let outworn structures founded on faulty constructs of ‘othering’ collapse. Old systems of oppression are circling the drain. We exchange them for nurturance, soulfulness, emotional intelligence, belonging, kinship and place.

Move from external validation to internal validation. Our inner compass knows the way to go before our minds do. Feel for it. Soften into it. Tend the seeds of what Earth, Sun, and Life want to grow.

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Read Full Moon Reports for your Sun and Rising Signs Below


Aries: I am worthy, simply because I am.

I speak of and for myself. My healing process is at the forefront of my mind. I name it. I give it breath, air, and tongue. Stories are part of healing, essential to integration. I un-hinder myself so I can reap the rewards of my innate worthiness. I unhook myself from the ways I have been falsely defined. By others, by arbitrary concepts of ‘success,’ by my status in society, and by my own inhibitions. I un-shoulder burdens that aren’t mine to manage. I no longer carry the weight of other people’s failures or expectations. I define my expectations for my own life, based on pursuit of my passions. When the boulders drop, I feel so much lighter. I feel my natural ability to rise, and I know that I am the rising. In my rising, I challenge the existence of harmful hierarchies. I am one of many who can and will change the face of leadership in this world. I reserve my strength for supporting what I want to see more of. I know if it’s my mountain to climb because it feels life-affirming.

Taurus: I am a living meditation.

Activation. Vibration. Attunement. This Moon is an inception. I feel it. I tune into the sensations permeating my body. I acknowledge my body as the store and source of it all. I allow the sensations running through it to shake me, to wake me up, to take me to higher and wider dimensions of awareness. As I awake, others awake too. Or is it vice-versa? Nothing is disconnected. Right now relationships are an essential part of my ability to tap into self-completion. My partners, my friends, those closest to me are weaving me into the sacred fabric of life. I am finding comfort in relationships, even as they unsettle what I thought I knew about myself. I pay close attention to both the secure and unsettled places within me, helping them to find their way by collaborating with one another in my being. I am healing now through my dreamings and the subtlest of perceptions. Opening. Listening.

Gemini: I heal as we gather.

I am wired to connect. I can be my best self when interweaving, and removing obstacles to intimacy. Vulnerability is a part of my truth. This Moon has me meeting gxd in the shape of my people. Circles within circles within circles. Organizing, moving with spirit. Healing and integrating through interconnection and rippling out. We are gathering to answer the call of each other’s passions. Coming together to hold a web and a grid on the planet that will make truth come even more true. This Moon has me, and us, future-hopping. Interdimensionally-traveling. Inter-weaving with light. I uncomplicate my urges and pursuits. Understanding that the best way to be of service is to delve into what gives me joy. To dip into it and spread it around. To thread together our hearts in joy so we have a wide berth of love to follow. Underneath practice, process, and application, love is our only offering.

Cancer: I emerge from my nest.

Regardless of whether you feel ready, the world is ready. To see you. To catch drift of the energy quivering within you. Whether or not it is yet taking form. Right now, it’s not about concrete manifestation. It’s about transmitting the special energy coursing through you at this time. It’s about leaving behind encrusted concepts of safety and security so you can step into creative sovereignty. It’s about redefining safety and security for yourself and setting boundaries around old-style relational ties that are keeping you from fully coming into yourself. Disentangle. Let go. Recommit in the places where the relationships do feel solid. Reorganize where they don’t. Speak words of self-recognition on this moon. Affirm how far you have come, and speak about future contributions you plan to make. When you move with truth, you call your people to you.

Leo: My light connects.

I am showing. Like the Sun. Does the Sun show itself? No. It simply is. Always burning with life-giving light. Generously. Indiscriminately. It’s up to others to see it if they will. Regardless of whether they notice or not, they still receive warmth and light. The sun still makes them grow if its light touches them. I am myself, expressed. Evolving. Throwing out a flare around my true identity. Anchored at my roots, expanded at my branches. The words that heal now are words of truth. The truth I’m orienting to at this time. It’s not about right or wrong. It’s about making room for the bigger picture. These words center on perspective, belief, meaning-making, and synthesizing concepts through the heart-mind. I have no time left for worry. I have no time left for playing perfect. I have no time left for over-analyzing, meddling, or trying to fix things that aren’t broken. Including myself. I am not broken. I let go of explanations and lean into the brightness of who I am and how I shine, unencumbered.

Virgo: I am deep and free.

I am taking deeper breaths. I am feeling more. I am noticing the places within me and my own ancestors that have remained quiet or dormant. I am holding space for those places to see the light of awareness. I so deeply want to understand my own patternings, and the things I have inherited and carry in my blood. I make this claim aloud into the dark – help me see! – so the beneficial unseen forces can assist me in mining my true power. Coming closer to my own essence is my aim. On this Moon, my energy extends beyond what I’ve previously known. I am open to it as I myself am opened by life. I am seeking possibilities rather than resting in probabilities. My mind needs the nourishment of nature. Of travel. Of breaking rhythm. My body needs the practice of creating. I face my resistances and obstacles as gateways to what I was really put here to make.

Libra: I reside in wholeness.

I am lighting up the transformation of my relationships. I long to see and feel the shadows as well as the pretty surface of situations and people. Because I want to be in relationship with all of it. With wholeness. I want to know which half of the whole I am holding. And I want to hold my half of the whole with enthusiastic consent. Enthusiastic consent is not something that can be faked or forged. I look for the places where I am entirely excited about the ways we are coming together. I know my worth, and I inhabit it. I enter into relationships from that most solid place within. Relationships that spring from my own inner anchor make peace, harmony, and beauty. They feed each partner reciprocally, without a thought.  I am anchoring foundations for myself by tearing down and re-building home. I am re-defining security, moving it from an outer plane to an inner plane. I honor my needs and place them first on the list.

Scorpio: I am loved.

I am feeling myself right now. This Moon reminds me of who I am when I wake up after a long rest. When I re-form after an unraveling. Who I am when I crest a wave. I look in the mirror and put my arms around what I see. I embrace changes and reinventions in my relationships as necessary shifts that wake me up further to truths about my own self. My skin isn’t thin. I have great powers of recuperation. I am not perfect – and I’m in love with that. I trust that seeing more truth is a balm in and of itself, even if it hurts at first. How do things heal, anyway? We simply let them heal, and refrain from poking the wound. I don’t need to rally around or fix anything. I’m choosing, instead, to be present to this moment and how we are relating right now, knowing I don’t have to extend beyond myself to be loved. I don’t have to earn love – because I am love. I look for ways I’ve been thinking and talking to myself that have undermined me. I overturn them. I look for words on my lips that want to last.

Sagittarius: I stay true.

This Moon is a place where my passions become my practice. The things I am in love with map out my daily rhythms. I awake my own devotion. I want to make something of my love. Something I can invest in. Something that feels like it’s an investment into me and my truth. Something I can lean into for years ahead. I place touchstones on my path. Places to check in and to remember what wants to be made real out of my gifts. Places to check myself on right use of my energy. Is it the perfect blend of inspiration and realism? Am I running away from or towards anything – or am I allowing myself to be lifted on the wings of spirit’s grace? I connect with spirit’s grace. Messages I give and take come from that connection and help to lift us all. Words I speak on this Moon are expressions from the truest place inside myself I can find.


Capricorn: I am safe.

Even when things fall away, I am safe. Even when I feel like I am self-destructing, I am safe. Even when stuff I counted on fails, I am safe. I know life has plans for me. That my trajectory will get better and better. The changes are temporal, and I am tapping in to something deeper. I know life has a pulse, and I’m connected to it. As the world changes, my purpose changes. I shift my allegiance to support what will last. I allow my expectations, identifications, and self-definitions to shift accordingly. No matter what happens, I will be safe – and I will strive to make the world safer for others to live in. I live to be of benefit to others. To make contributions that matter. When I affirm my own safety, I can create supportive containers for others to feel supported by. I tune in with community and collaboration. These are the ways of the future. The words spoken now are emotionally-aware. The words spoken now are nourishing and full of care.


Aquarius: I am sparkly.

I allow myself to be un-settled. Unsettledness makes way for genius. Earthquakes and shock waves make for revelation. I will not try to preserve what is already slipping away. I will not attempt to control ‘chaos.’ It is possible that what looks like chaos is part of a grand and perfect design. It is possible that what is slipping away is the old me. I am leaving behind what I’ve outgrown; letting it float to a world beyond my own. I am in a boat, letting go of the oars, and trusting the currents will lead me where I’m meant to go. I trust change. I trust upheaval. Authenticity is my real home base. This Moon, for me, is public and private. This Moon is highlighting the place where I want to prove myself and be seen for my contributions to the wider world. I am healing a tendency to scatter myself. I let my words bring focus to distraction. I turn my anxieties into reasons to play.

Pisces: I interweave.

I am an artist. My medium is life. Living my ideals is where it’s at. I really don’t care much how it looks to others. The right people will find me in time, and when it happens, we will all feel like we came home. My creations are for all of us, my kindreds. I don’t need to compromise myself – I trust that connections fall where they may. In life, I get right with myself and my spiritual connection, and go from there. I trust my inspirations and my intuitions without question, because so many times, they have saved me. Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Making beauty. Living wisdom. I commit to living my art, and in time, it will become (and I will become) whatever is meant. I used to be scared I wouldn’t get paid if I went this way. I used to be afraid to look at what was in the bank, so I’d avoid it. I no longer avoid it, because I trust myself to steward wealth with compassion. Whatever storm may come, I trust myself to weather it. I deepen my truest relations.

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