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Your Couple Conflict Style Is Water

Overwhelmed, Emotional, Deep Feeler

As Water, your emotions tend to get the best of you. When conflict arises, your nervous system might go into shutdown mode – you may feel completely overwhelmed and cope by numbing out. Or you get completely flooded by your emotions.

You may cry, blame, get hyper critical or feel like you’re being criticized. It is common to feel like a victim when you’re in the midst of conflict. One small thing can spiral into a huge wave of problems and it feels impossible to solve them all. It can feel like you’re stuck in the same emotional cycle and can’t get to the root of it.

Your greatest gift is that you are deeply connected to your emotions which are the gateway to deep healing. You have an incredible capacity to become aware of what patterns lay underneath the feelings. They speak to you loudly. You are a deep feeler with a beautiful heart.

But being the Water type also comes with its challenges. Your emotions can be so overwhelming they tend to colour your reality with a dark cloud. If you don’t dig deeper to see what’s underneath the emotions /numbness, you may feel constantly stuck in the same patterns for years.

Conflict has the capacity to deepen our connection when approached in the right way. As a Water type, you may miss out on the gifts of intimacy because you get caught up in your emotions or numbing out. There’s a deeper reason why you tend to drown in your feelings or shut down completely. It’s important to have the right tools so you can approach it gently.

I’m going to share exactly how you can overcome your challenges in conflict by showing you a roadmap for creating the healthy and loving relationship that you desire – one where conflict is used as a way to cultivate deeper passion & connection.