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Your Couple Conflict Style Is Air

Avoids Conflict, Shuts Down, Isolates

As Air, you may find that conflict makes you incredibly uncomfortable. It can trigger your nervous system into a flight state.

You may feel like you want to isolate and just be alone with your thoughts rather than facing the conflict head on. Or you may sweep things under the rug and feel like your relationship doesn’t have much conflict at all.

It could feel quite balanced and safe, but really all of the issues are piling up underneath. You may tend to distract and maybe just watch Netflix together instead of talking it out. You may feel like things ‘aren’t a big deal’. You could get turned off by people who are overly emotional.

Your greatest gift is you may tend to think self soothing is the best way to deal with conflict rather than dealing with it in connection with your partner. The ability to self soothe is a beautiful gift. You also have the capacity to let things go fairly quickly rather than stewing in them.

But being the Air type also comes with its challenges. Your avoidance of conflict forces the issues to build up beneath the surface and can lead to long standing resentment and sometimes even health issues. Conflict has the capacity to deepen our connection when approached in the right way.

As an air type, you may miss out on the gifts of intimacy because you’re too uncomfortable going into the heart of conflict.

There’s a deeper reason why conflict feels unbearable for you. it’s important to have the right tools so you can approach it gently, so you don’t get overwhelmed.

I’m going to share exactly how you can overcome your challenges in conflict by showing you a roadmap for creating the healthy and loving relationship that you desire – one where conflict is used as a way to cultivate deeper passion & connection.