Healing From Heartbreak


If Your Relationship Is On The Verge Of Ending (Or You Just Can’t Seem To Get Over An Ex)…

…This Video Was Made For You

Hi I’m Shay.

If you are no stranger to heartbreak

If you have a relationship you “can’t live with… but can’t live without…”

If you know the pain of losing someone you love… and desperately wanting them back…

Then this video is for you.

The deepest pain I ever experienced was when my marriage crumbled in a fury of betrayal, lies, and deception.

I lost everything

My money, many friendships, all of my attachments. Even my beloved cat Maya disappeared.

I was in the deep-end. With no way out. No guidance. No support.

It was one of the hardest periods of my life. And nobody (not even my closest friends) seemed to understand.

Fortunately, I met a mentor who guided me through this excruciatingly painful experience and taught me some critical lessons.

This video shares what I discovered.

If you feel heartbroken or hopeless right now… this video is designed for you. I hope you enjoy it.

With love,

“Sheleana’s work has been instrumental in my understanding of how our childhood and human experiences shape us as adults. I remember reading her posts years ago and feeling like she was speaking directly to me. Her ability to explain complicated topics in relatable and simple ways is a gift. I am forever grateful for her vulnerability and service to those of us that are lost or curious on the path…. and need a guide.”

Danica Patrick

Former professional racing driver, entrepreneur and author of the book “Pretty Intense”

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