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Tired Of Attracting Avoidant, Unavailable or Narcissistic Partners?

Your Relationship Signature Explains Why You
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Hi, I’m Shay, the founder of Rising Woman…

We all have a special pattern to how we approach dating and relationships.   It’s called your Relationship Signature

When you understand this, you will:

  • Stop attracting avoidant, unavailable or narcissistic partners who aren’t good for you
  • Start holding boundaries while being your most loving, attractive, & gracious self.
  • Stop “losing yourself” when dating someone you really like.

No more dumpster diving for love.  It’s time to be with someone who truly loves & respects you. And it starts with discovering YOUR unique Relationship Signature today…

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PS. Once you understand how you’re attracting unhealthy partners, you’ll be able to create the beautiful romantic life you deserve.

I am forever grateful for her vulnerability and service to those of us that are lost or curious on the path…. and need a guide.

Danica Patrick, former professional racing driver, entrepreneur and author of the book “Pretty Intense”