Becoming The One Signature Program

What If… Instead Of Seeking “The One”… You Became the One?

Reduce Relationship Anxiety, Reclaim Your Boundaries and Step into the Most Magnetic, Empowered and Authentic version of Yourself.

You’ve probably come across gurus, books and programs out there that teach you how to become exactly what your dream partner wants.

But they’re really just trying to sell you manipulative techniques and tools to win someone’s heart – a system that never lasts.

They’ll convince you that by understanding what your dream partner really wants then you can finally become it!

But that’s not what we are doing here.

You can’t actually win someone’s love by pretending to be someone you’re not, and why would you want to?

That’s exhausting.

Instead, we’ll show you how to draw love towards you without having to become someone or something you’re not.

This program will help you uncover and reveal the hidden gems of your essential self and nourish these qualities so they shine inwardly and outwardly.

You’ll learn how to fall in love with life regardless of your relationship status. And when a relationship does come along, you’ll be more than ready.

Erin’s Story“Anxiety… Childhood wounds… Feeling guarded… A painful break-up… To finally feeling inner-peace, understanding myself… and learning to look within.”
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This program is perfect for you if you’re:

Ready to explore how your relationship signature is impacting your love life: And step into your most magnetic self!

Grieving a painful breakup or divorce: And you’re certain you don’t want to feel this way ever again.

You’ve been hurt, abandoned, lied to or betrayed: And you want to learn how to spot red flags and set healthier boundaries from the start.

You want to feel empowered and confident: Instead of anxious and insecure when you’re dating or in a new relationship.

You’re ready to deepen your relationship to yourself: So that you can claim the type of Conscious Relationship you truly desire.

You’re done with emotionally unavailable, aloof or “half in” partners: And you’re ready to clarify your core values and stand fully in what you want.

Sarah’s Story“From anger, anxiety, and resentment in relationships… To discovering what I really need in a relationship and the permission and language to ask for it.”
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What’s included:

Get immediate access to the entire program. Including video lessons, worksheets, a guided meditation, plus a special bonus when you enroll today.

INTRO – Week 1:

Explore 3 short videos that introduce you to the foundations of Conscious Relationship, Shadow Work and Boundaries, accompanied by a simple yet powerful journaling process for each lesson.

  • Conscious Relationship
  • Shadow Work
  • Boundaries
Week 2: Relationship Inventory.

Explore your relationship history under the guidance of Heather and Shay and learn how to spot the patterns that keep you from having the relationship you truly desire.

This isn’t about making yourself wrong, it’s about seeing where you may not be standing in your worth and reclaiming your most authentic self.

Week 3 – Core Values and Expectations

Do you know what matters most to you when it comes to relationships? Not just with romantic partners, but friends and family too?

Are you unsure if your expectations are “too high” or if you’re settling?

In these two video sessions, you’ll have an opportunity to explore what your core values are and how to set boundaries that will help you create healthy, Conscious and connected relationships.

This process is setting you up for the final week – Love Mapping!

Week 4 – Love Mapping

In the final session, you’ve begun to make sense of your relationship patterns and you’ve deepened your level of self-awareness.

You feel close to yourself and now know what your wants, needs and core values really are!

You see the areas where you may have been settling, and you’re ready to step totally into the life you want. You’re Becoming the One.

The LOVE MAP is where you get to bring it all together and create a beautiful map of your desires for love, intimacy, connection and partnership – and then make it a reality!

But the most important part of all, is that you are now reconnected to yourself in a way you have always longed for.

You know that your relationship status does not define your worth and that the freedom to exist, just as you are, allows you to show up as your most authentic self.

It’s from that place we are able to co-create Conscious Relationships with others.

Audrey’s Story“Before the program I always felt that I had to lower my standards, because I never truly believed I deserved the kind of love I was longing for…

Now I’m more in-tune with myself, more aware of my needs, more willing to voice my needs… I don’t have anxiety about what the other person thinks… It feels great.”
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BONUS Materials:

#1 – A Guided Self-Soothing Meditation with Shay:

Use this when you’re feeling anxious, or anytime you want to deepen your connection to self.

If you come up against feelings of fear, unworthiness, or pain – you can do this meditation to find safety, security and comfort within yourself.

#2 – 5-Dates To A Secure Self:

This special gift is designed to help you get comfortable with being on your own and to truly enjoy your own company, practice a high degree of self-care and embody your magic.

If any part of you feels this course will help your situation.. Here is my promise to you…

Sign up today and join the course.  You’ll get immediate access to all the content above and, if for ANY reason, this course doesn’t help you…

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Just give the content a try and you’ll see why so many women have raved about how this program has changed their lives.  It can change yours too.

See you on the inside

Christina’s Story“The investment made in this program has been a real life preserver for me… My self-confidence finds new footing, one not based on skillset, but based on the woman that I am today.”
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