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Danielle Bastier
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Instagram: @daniellebastier

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A space where the soul meets the psyche, the cosmos meets the earth, and the body meets the mind.
Danielle is a qualified counsellor, trauma therapist, certified astrologer, and human design guide. She is here to guide you through what it truly means to be human in this lifetime.Danielle’s approach is integrative; blending traditional talking therapies (mind), with somatic experiencing (body), astrology and human design (soul) and energetics (spirit) to offer a holistic approach to recovery and healing.

Danielle introduced astrology into the healing and recovery process of her therapeutic work back in 2020, and with profound results. Those who work with her have reported that they feel seen, validated, and have a newfound sense of hope, direction, and authenticity.

Danielle’s work bridges wisdom from the cosmos with her understanding of the psyche
today. Astrology combined with psychology. She uses these ancient and esoteric tools to help people to understand themselves more, who they are, and how they show up in the world.

Danielle’s uniquely creative process helps people to discover their own inner resources, how to harness them from their personal struggles, and to transform them into valuable tools for life.

Regina Verret Foster
The Celestial Womb LLC
[email protected]
Instagram @thecelestialwomb

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Regina is an energy and birth worker that specializes in Astrology, Human Design, physiological birth and postpartum. She is the founder of The Celestial Womb, a container created to help women reconnect with their inner source and re-align. Before founding The Celestial Womb, she spent a decade in the corporate legal business world focusing on legal technology, solutions, research and business sales. When she was most disconnected to herself and her true energy, Regina discovered human design and re-discovered Astrology. These energetic modalities changed her life for the better as it was the catalyst to fully re-align with her most authentic self.

Regina’s style of astrology is traditional and western in foundation, with modern psychological perspectives along with Vedic concepts and techniques.

Mary Bello
Instagram @theharmonyspace

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Mary is an astrologer whose consultations are heart-centred and nurturing. She looks at the chart holistically, helping people connect with the beautiful energy of the cosmos they were born with. Using a blend of mystic and modern astrology, coupled with a trauma-informed psychological perspective, she conducts natal, relationship and progressed chart readings. These consultations are expansive, gentle and healing, steeped in guidance on how to lean into gifts and find solutions to challenges. Those she reads for are left feeling empowered with a clearer understanding of their past and the road to their future..

Sofi Karlsson
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Sofi first fell in love with astrology due to the accuracy it gave her about herself, once she started to understand her birth chart. It still blows her mind the fact that we have a map of our whole life including past and future cycles. She loves to use this tool, not only to guide herself but also others.

Astrology has given her a new perspective on the rhythm of life; by studying the cycles of the sun seasons; how the different archetype energies are reflected in the seasonal change in nature. She uses Astrology almost daily; feeling into not only her transits but also what’s going on with the world.

The aspects that make Sofi’s approach to astrology unique is that she is technical, and loves how the small details make up the big complex story that is you. She sees the beauty in the darkness and the importance of embracing your shadow sides, rather than turning away from them.

Jen Copeland
Instagram @jennifercopeland1

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Jen has been an Astrology geek since she was a kid, and her claim to fame is that she wrote the horoscopes for her elementary school newspaper!

Jen has a successful Trauma Counselling practice. She also offers Astrology sessions outside of her practice and she teaches Trauma-Informed Yoga & Meditation.

Astrology is where she feels free to express her creativity and spirituality, where she can more fully step into her Pisces 5th house North Node.

Jen likes to approach Astrology as a form of knowledge about the human experience…a story of time, patterns and archetypes, and how we can best align with these patterns for growth and personal evolution. To Jen, Astrology is a beautiful tool for self understanding and self love.