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Join the Sisterhood

Be Part of the Rising Woman Sisterhood and Conscious Women’s Group

The Rising Woman Sisterhood is based in Vancouver, BC and Co-Facilitated by Sheleana Aiyana and Heather Pennell along with a growing leadership team of potent, compassionate and dedicated women.

We would like to acknowledge that the land on which we live and gather with sisterhood is the unceded territory of the Coast Salish Peoples, including the territories of the xʷməθkwəy̓əm (Musqueam), Skwxwú7mesh (Squamish), Stó: lō and Səl̓ílwətaʔ/Selilwitulh (Tsleil-Waututh) Nations.

We come together as we are, in a safe space to be held in sisterhood, be seen, and navigate our own wounds that are calling to be healed at this time. Within this safe container we’ve co-created, we explore our shadow issues, archetypal work, unravel our relationship patterns and support one another to develop a deeper sense of wholeness, power and integration as Conscious women.

In the circle, we are all equal. There is no one in front of you, and nobody behind you. No one is above you; no one is below you. The circle is sacred because it is designed to create unity. – Lakota Saying

What do we ‘do’ in women’s group?

Transpersonal Work/ Shadow Work: We’ve come together to dive deep with other women. Some women’s circles are more “new age” oriented, in the sense that there’s a focus on the “lightly spiritual” aspects of our nature. In the Rising Woman Sisterhood, we embrace the Dark Goddess within as we explore the aspects of our shadow qualities – the parts of ourselves we’re ashamed or afraid of. We actively encourage one another to take off the mask and reveal the core essence underneath it all – which of course is not just light, but an integrated blend of both light and dark.

We Talk A Lot: When women come together, the energy rises quickly! We honor our need for connectivity and conversation by talking with one another about issues that are pressing on our hearts, relationship challenges, our fears and our wins. One aspect of Rising Woman Sisterhood that may be new to you is the process in which we have opportunities to provide honest feedback to one another that isn’t always “pretty” but comes from the heart. We consider this time together sacred. This is a chance to re-write our story, change our patterns and grow through our challenges.

Archetypal Work: A big part of women’s work involves exploring the various Archetypes throughout history that exist within all of us. By drawing on ancient women’s wisdom, we may begin to reclaim our rites as leaders in our communities and beyond.

Family Systems Work & Inner-Child Work: A core theme in the Rising Woman Sisterhood is making space to explore how our earliest experiences shape our present reality. We reflect on our first most pivotal relationships (the relationship with our mother and father) so we can begin to make the proper distinction between what is ours, and what has simply been “taken on” from our past programming. In this space, we also develop and nurture a connection to our own inner-child and support every woman in the circle in becoming her own protector, provider and mother. Some women in the circle have happy and relatively easy relationships to their mother and father, some women are orphans, some have lost a parent, some have no father. We are a diverse group of women with no shortage of life experiences that humbly connect us to our humanity.

Women’s Wisdom: We want to explore it alllllll. Sexuality, menstruation, creative expression, masculine & feminine misconceptions and truths, and what it really means to live life as a Conscious Woman. The Rising Woman Sisterhood offers an invitation for each and every woman to step forward with her own gifts and make offerings to the group in the form of sharing wisdom, teaching a craft or creating an experience for the group.

Summary: We are up to some awesome and sometimes super weird shit, but if you’re still reading, chances are this is the right place for you to land.

Our partnership with Pulxaneeks and her Indigenous Right Relationships Workshop is an integral piece of our learning. Exploring Our Ancestry:

“In this day long Indigenous Allyship Training, receive a more whole hearted understanding of what it means to be in right relationship with Indigenous peoples & what right use of privilege is & how to cultivate it ~ In this interactive workshop I will offer pointers & tips on how to relate with Indigenous people, shine light & understanding upon things you may not realize are offensive, as well as offer suggestions on how to cultivate a harmonious connection ~ All that is offered is sourced from the story of my Ancestry & the long term, very real, now-time impact of all that’s come before as well as a vision of the future we’re working towards ~ This is a roots up, heart centered approach to honoring Indigenous relation building.” – Pulxaneeks

About Pulxaneeks:

Pulxaneeks (Pul-ha-neeks) is from the Eagle Clan of the Haisla First Nation with Nuchanulth and Lummi Ancestry.  With a background in cultural reclamation based youth outreach, Pulxaneeks is a skilled facilitator and grew up with the Indigenous environmental youth organization called “Rediscovery”. She later went on to work for Rediscovering offering support to at-risk Indigenous youth in various settings such as camps, schools, inner city programming and international cultural exchange. This is where her path of being a group facilitator, program designer and event producer was sparked 19 years ago.

Pulxaneeks was raised both on and off the Indigenous village she was born to and grew up being exposed to both Indigenous and non Indigenous cultures.  Her most recent development is based entirely on the unique understanding that has come from being exposed to both cultures and from this came the development of this offering, Indigenous Relations Consultation.  She honors the Elders, Mentors and huge family whose love she is a living result of and the Ancestors whose strength and resilience is flowing through her veins.

Quarterly, new members of the Rising Woman Sisterhood and community are invited to join Pulxaneeks to gather for her Indigenous Right Relationships Workshop. As a show of our dedication to healing what has been broken, we have made this a mandatory part of becoming a member of our sisterhood. Every woman will have multiple opportunities to attend throughout the year and the cost for the full day workshop is $30.

Next workshop date:  TBA

The Call for Sisterhood

Everytime a woman walks away from a relationship that’s putting out her flame… she is leading.

Everytime a woman says no when it’s uncomfortable to do so… she is leading.

Everytime a woman slows down when everyone is telling her to do more… she is leading.

Everytime a woman listens to her intuition and acts accordingly… she is leading.

Everytime a woman makes a choice that serves her highest good… she is leading.

Everytime you do what’s best for you, even when it’s hard, even when it’s painful, even when it means starting all over, you are leading.

Be powerful sister.
Rise to the occasion.

Everytime you honor yourself, you are leading the way for all of the women in your community.

Women who are watching and maybe even waiting…

For a sign or a source of inspiration…

To leave, to start over, to birth a new dream, to break a pattern, to stand up, to say no more, to say I’m worth it.

What you do is so important.

When you settle, you set an example.
When you rise up, you set an example.

It is your responsibility and mine to make bold moves in this lifetime.

It is our responsibility to rise together, to show one another that it is safe to get after whatever our hearts desire.

To know that through it all there are women who have our backs.

To know that even when the relationship ends, the old life dies, the business fails, the money dries up, or health declines, there will still be love showered upon us.

We will never be alone so long as we nurture ourselves and our connections with other women.

We will never be without so long as we remember that even when life is busy, there is no greater priority than community.

Women, we are meant to go through life as a village.

When you’re down, let me clean your house, let me cook for you, let me rub your forehead and tell you everything will be alright.

When I am down, hold me and let my tears fall freely.

In times when I forget my own strength, remind me to keep going.

When you think you are lost, I will help you find your way.

See my light when I am stuck in my shadow.

I will do the same for you.

Because I love you.

And that is what sisterhood is about

– Sheleana Aiyana

Sisterhood Logistics:

Meet some of the women in the Rising Woman Sisterhood! Group photo taken at Jericho Beach June, 2018

Fee: Enrollment is $80 per month

Where: Kitsilano & Broadway City Hall

When: Monday or Thursday nights from 7-9:30 p.m.

Attending: To honor the depth of connection we’ve created, The Rising Woman Sisterhood is not a drop-in group. We ask women to commit to a minimum of 12 weeks in the sisterhood, though most women who join us stay permanently.

Next intake date: All groups are currently full and registration is closed. Please contact us to be put on the waiting list as a new group will be opening in the Fall!