Heal Your Relationships

Heal Your Relationships

Join us for an 8 Week Journey into the Heart of Your Relationship Patterns

Did you know you have the power to improve all of your closest relationships simply by doing your own inner-work?

Like Harriet Lerner says: “We cannot make another person change his or her steps to an old dance, but if we change our own steps, the dance can no longer continue in the same predictable pattern.”

We learn about love when we’re small by taking cues from our parents and caretakers. When we had so-called “negative emotions,” how were we received? Were we shut out or punished for being angry or expressing our emotions?

This can lead to the belief that it’s not safe to use our voice, preventing us from truly honouring ourselves in present-day relationships.

Did someone leave? Was there physical or emotional abandonment? This can lead to the story that people always leave, love isn’t safe and we should never rely on anyone but ourselves.

Our stories from the past are carried forward, repeating patterns over and over until we wake up and see the light.

We find ourselves on a constant search for “The One” to make it all better. But the only way out is through – we must do the work of excavating our old wounds and beliefs about love to write a new chapter.

We begin this journey first by seeing our patterns for what they are; wounds from the past. The “Work” is not in fixing or changing ourselves. But rather, we dive deep into self-acceptance and learn how to embrace ourselves as whole.

This means that instead of focusing all of our energy on “self-improvement”, we’re going to take a look at the very aspects of ourselves we dislike and learn how to create more space for acceptance.

As we learn to love ourselves more deeply, we are able to show up fully in relationships with others, have healthier boundaries and attract partners who are willing to co-create with us.

As we become more self-aware, we are able to lean in when it gets hard instead of running away.

It’s up to each of us to learn to trust love again …

. . . . .

Join us for an 8-week journey into the heart of your relationship patterns

Heal your relationships through self-awareness and shadow work

 Learn how to truly love yourself through radical self-acceptance

 Decode and heal your relationship patterns

 Remove blocks that sabotage your ability to find or keep love

 Cultivate your inner-fire and reclaim ownership over your body, sexuality and your life

 Learn how to communicate powerfully and set boundaries without alienating partners or friends

 Stop attracting partners who take advantage of you, are dishonest or abusive

 Learn how to command respect and devotion from romantic partners

 Develop healthy self-esteem through inner-child work

 Recover, heal and flourish after a painful breakup or divorce

 Receive support and guidance during a breakup or divorce that’s overwhelmingly painful and scary

 Explore and heal your abandonment wound and learn how to feel safe on your own or inside a relationship

Program Outline

VIDEO: Somatic Work and Listening to The Body

Join Georgianna as she guides you on a journey to understanding the importance of coming home to safety in your own body. By developing a sense of safety and self-compassion within ourselves, we are able to lovingly communicate, set, and uphold our own boundaries and create healthier, more conscious connections with others.

VIDEO: Somatic Practice

Join Georgianna as she guides you through a short and simple somatic practice called “Arriving”. You can use this practice to ground and become centered in the present moment anytime you’re feeling rushed, stressed, flustered or anxious. This practice is designed to give you a simple tool for connecting with yourself, anytime, anywhere.

VIDEO: Somatic Practice Self Soothing

Join Georgianna as she guides you through a short self-soothing practice. Self-soothing gives us the power to draw on our internal resources when we’re upset, angry, scared or anxious rather than seeking externally. By learning this powerful tool, we are able to consciously shift how we show up in conflict. Anxiety often distorts our ability to hear our bodies “Yes” or “No”. By learning how to soothe ourselves, we can slow down the mind and tune into what is healthy and self-loving for us in each moment. Healing the Abandonment wound and showing our vulnerability feels more accessible when we trust ourselves to self-soothe.

Session 1: Conscious Relationship

As children, we learn about love from our first family. Were big emotions acceptable? Was speaking your truth safe? Did someone leave? As adults, we carry our old programming including fears and stories from the past into our present day relationships. In order to attract and maintain quality, Conscious love, we first must be willing to put our old stories to bed and start a chapter in the now.

In this session, we explore the truth of Conscious Relationship and weave this all back to our most important relationship of all – our relationship to self!

Learn the key principles of Conscious Relationship

✓ Let yourself be guided through our step-by-step process for identifying and understanding your relationship patterns

✓ Learn what it takes to break patterns and show up fully in relationship

✓ Identify your “core wounds” in relationship

✓ Get the tools you need to heal beliefs about unworthiness

Session 2: Shadow Work & Self-Acceptance

The traditional personal growth path often focuses on changing and developing ourselves. What’s missing from this space is the deeper shadow work where we illuminate the very aspects of our personality and behaviors that we keep hidden. These aspects are often what fuels our unconscious beliefs about not being good enough, being too much, different or separate from others. Shadow work allows us to witness all parts of ourselves and integrate them so we can achieve true self-acceptance.

In this session, you’ll learn the foundational teachings of Shadow Work and experience the freedom of self-acceptance. We’ll carefully guide you through processes designed to illuminate your unconscious beliefs and transform the way you feel about yourself.

✓ Discover your own shadow traits by using a carefully designed process

✓ Experience shadow work in a safe-container guided by qualified facilitators

✓ Learn what’s holding you back in relationship or getting in the way of consciously relating to others

✓ Learn how to communicate your needs and wants from a graceful and empowered place

Session 3: Healing the Abandonment Wound

An abandonment wound is invisible to the eye but it leaves telltale signs in how we relate to the external world, how we feel internally and how we behave in our relationships. Two common patterns that we see with an abandonment wound are an intense attraction to people who are unavailable or losing attraction for someone who is ready to commit. Also, the intensity of this wound can embed a ‘flight mode’ where we find ourselves running from perceived danger in relationships that is likely not there. We commonly test the love given to us – and like a straw that inevitably breaks – use that as evidence, we’re living in an unsafe world. Out of desperation to feel safe and loved we accept the bad behavior of others, ignore our own needs and prevent ourselves from having a strong, powerful voice.

In this session, we’ll explore the root of abandonment wounds as they pertain to your personal experiences in relationship.

✓ We’ll guide you through the process of learning to identify what areas of your past may be asking for healing

✓ Reconnect to your inner-child and learn how to self-soothe during times of heightened emotion

✓ Learn how to communicate when you’re feeling scared, triggered or abandoned

Session 4: Conscious Boundary Setting

Simply learning how to set boundaries isn’t enough. First, we have to understand what’s holding us back from setting boundaries in a conscious way. There are two types of boundary problems. The first is setting boundaries in a style that pushes everyone around us away and creates separation in our relationships. The second is failing to set boundaries at all out of fear we’ll be disliked or rejected. Both lead to resentment and the ultimate break-down of our relationships.

In this session we’ll work together to illuminate the unconscious blocks you may have when it comes to setting boundaries. You’ll be guided through processes to support you in expressing yourself from a place of confidence and power.

✓ Learn the different types of boundaries and when to use them

✓ Uncover your boundary beliefs and what’s preventing you from getting the respect you deserve

✓ Practice setting boundaries so you feel confident setting them in challenging situations

✓ Develop of a sense of safety and security knowing you’re honoring yourself in relationships, work, family and within yourself

Session 5: Attuning to Your Body’s Wisdom

This session is dedicated to helping you integrate the last few sessions so you can move in the world as a Conscious Woman.

Attuning to your body’s wisdom means that you are able to feel, hear and respond to what your body is telling you through feelings and sensations.

Due to past traumas and living in a heavily “mind” oriented society, many of us have a difficult time truly connecting to our own bodies. As a result, we may make choices that don’t serve us, ignore red flags in relationships, or overstep our own boundaries becasue we aren’t able to “tune in and respond” to our bodies YES and NO.

This session, we talk about how you can gain a more conscious awareness around your own feelings and sensations. We also explore, what it feels like when you’re disconnected or cut off from your feelings, so you know when to use the somatic tools you’ve received from this program.

At the end of this session, you are guided through a process on coming home to yourself in moments of intensity, so you can reside safely and securly in your body.

Session 6: Self-Compassion and Shadow Work + Flex Weeks

It’s incredibly courageous to take on a program like Heal Your Relationships. Healing takes time, and we encourage gentleness and self-compassion along the way.

The first 5 weeks of this program are more intensive as you make your way through the lessons and exercises. When you reach week 6, it’s time to slow down.

The final 3 weeks of Heal Your Relationships is dedicated solely to your unique journey with the lessons. You can go through the lesson on Shadow Work + Self-Compassion and begin to practice what you’ve learned.

This time is yours to go back through any of the lessons or exercise that need more attention. We also suggest you take this time to practice what you’ve learned in the Somatic Modules with Georgianna.

Practices like “arriving” and “self-soothing” will be invaluable to you as you begin to navigate your relationships with a new sense of awareness.

How The Program Works


We’ve designed this program to be accessible to you no matter where you are in the world, what time-zone you’re in, or what your work schedule looks like. This is a 100% digital program with a work at your own pace structure.

Your weekly lessons are pre-recorded videos designed to guide you through an intimate and in-depth coaching experience with us (Heather and Shay.)

You’ll be added to a private Facebook group to connect with other members. This is a peer-support group created for you to share your journey with other like-minded women. The Facebook group is not Facilitated by our team, however, we will be keeping an eye on you to make sure the group is safely held.

All calls are done over FB Live in the private group (for members only) or on Zoom. They will all be recorded so that you can watch at a time that is convenient for you if you cannot make it for the scheduled time.

What’s included?

✓ 5 Recorded Video Sessions with Heather and Shay + workbooks and exercises

✓ 3 Somatic Videos with Georgianna for learning to self-soothe and come back to safety in your body.

✓ A private members only peer support Facebook group that you can remain in for life.

Registration Cost: $297

Or 2 Monthly Payments of $148.50

Program Schedule

When you register, you will receive:

  • Immediate Access to the 5 Videos + 3 BONUS Somatic Videos and Exercises
  • Immediate Access to the Private Facebook Support Group with other members






I have been involved with Heather and Sheleana’s Women’s Group for over a year now and the supportive community of women they have developed and nurtured has far surpassed all of my expectations. Their personalities and differing strengths compliment each other so well; I have recommended their work both individually and together to several people in my life and will continue to do so. anyone who is looking for support in exploring their own stories and healing their lives would benefit from the expertise of these women.

– Julie Burk

Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 11.59.26 PM

. . . . .

Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 11.59.34 PM

It is challenging to put into words just how impactful Heather and Sheleana have been in my life. It feels easy to trust them because they are exemplary models of facilitators who are living what they teach. Through their Work they demonstrate firsthand the courage it takes to speak the truth and the compassion, centred-ness and grounded-ness  it requires to truly hold space. They have shown me what is possible as a woman, teacher, healer, leader and community member. They are both such embodied, empowered and empathetic individuals, and together they are an even more powerful force… With their unique gifts and complementary skillsets, when they lead together, healing and growth are bound to take place!

– Cara Reynolds

. . . . .

Heather and Sheleana are two of the most powerful, soulful and real people I have ever met. I have worked with them for over a year now being in the weekly women’s group and my life has been impacted dramatically. I have done personal development and spiritual work for over 30 years and what Sheleana and Heather offer is the real deal. It has helped me accept myself in a way that I never thought possible by making it ok to feel everything, to feel safe to talk about it and by creating a community of support who loves and supports me for me. I am so grateful for their support, mentorship, and friendship. This work is deep, it’s real, and it’s powerful. Thank you.

– Brooke

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 1.02.56 PM

. . . . .

Heather and Sheleana have completely changed my life — actually, they have helped me change my own life, which is a super important distinction! Learning from their lineage and in a group setting with others has been of so much benefit for me personally, it has spilled over into my professional life and grown into this beautiful community of like-minded people. Every aspect of my life is growing and improving with their guidance and my hard work. It’s a bit hard to believe really. I can’t thank you, ladies, enough. I am so grateful to be a part of this. ❤

– Stephanie Hunter

. . . . .

Being a part of the Rising Woman Sisterhood has been the greatest thing I have ever done. Heather and Sheleana have so much wisdom and their guidance has been life changing. They are both caring, supportive and powerfully intuitive. I have learned so much from them and feel grateful for the tools they have shared to change my life.

– Amanda Koble

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. . . . .

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 1.02.24 PM

Heather & Sheleana are their own solar system and I am forever changed by my work with them over the past year. Not only are they inspiring just in their personal being, but they have a unique way of sparking internal shifts within me that I didn’t realize were even possible. Their combined well of deep knowledge, endless love and bravery to go deep has facilitated change in me that everyone in my outside life can notice. I walk taller, I speak my truth quicker, and I feel more whole on a daily basis because of my transformational work with these two women.

– Elaine

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll receive a registration email to the address you used to pay within 24 hours. In the email, you’ll receive a link to join us in the private group, and all of the details you need to get ready for the first session!

One the program has begun and you’ve been added to the private support group we do not offer refunds on this program. It’s common to have what we call a “vulnerability hangover” after doing deeper work, and sometimes our coping mechanism is to hide or run away. We encourage you to lean in when this happens and reach out! We’ll be covering how to do this in the first session. We are here to support you when it feels challenging.

The Heal Your Relationships program is completely digital and work at your own pace. Once you register, we suggest marking time on your calendar to do the sessions and exercises. Some members find engaging in the Facebook group with others can help with accountability. You will need access to wifi and a laptop to properly complete this course.

Many of our members choose not to use a Facebook account for personal use. The peer support group is totally optional, though many of our members find that connecting with others along the journey is helpful and reassuring. Sometimes, members set up a new account just to join the group and connect but you do not need to be on social media to partake in the program as all o your lessons and exercises are in your members portal.