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A Simple Ritual to Clear & Heal Old Patterns with this Month’s Lunar Eclipse

Since fire and release are the themes with this lunar eclipse, then during the five hours of the eclipse or in the morning on the day of the eclipse (see below for your eclipse time and day) you can simply: Light a candle. Place the candle on an altar, or next to a symbol of […]


(((Full Moon))) Vedic Astrology Report for August 7, 2017

The energy of the lunar eclipse brings the fire of wanting deep spiritual freedom and not wanting objects, people or psychology to weigh the spirit down while at the same time longing to support everyone to have a chance to find spiritual freedom. This lights up democracy and civic action. You might feel called to […]


(((New))) Moon in Cancer Vedic Astrological Report for July 23, 2017

New Moon reminds us to “Go with the Flow”, to connect with friends and to feel harmony when we gather over meals. Get ready to feel your power by letting go and going with the flow. Relaxation and wanting to just chill are a strong current in our lives right now. Can you feel it? […]