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Using Plant Medicines as a Pathway to Enlightenment

Before working with ‘psychedelics’ there are a few things you should know. As a western woman, surrounded and immersed in what I would call a very ‘sick’ culture, I feel honored to have had the opportunity to work with plant medicines. Plant medicines are not drugs, nor should they be labelled as such. There is […]


How to Create an Altar

Perhaps you’ve seen a beautiful altar and started to wonder, how can I go about crafting my own? Or maybe you’re curious why to make an alter at all, what is it all about? An altar is a surface on which you place sacred objects that hold power for you. Often when meditating or performing […]


Why Men Always Let You Down

You’ve either heard or even said one of these statements before: Men don’t understand me Why can’t men keep their word? I can’t trust men, they always disappoint me There are no good men in this city, or all the good ones are already taken Men can’t handle me, I’m too much for them Men […]